That look in your eyes
That seems therein lies
The greatest enemy
Of you and I
Why stare at it like a mountain
That you can’t attain
When nothing is too deep
That you cannot dig deep….

This words like the lines of a Psalm, dropped in my heart as I opened my eyes to behold the breaking of the day.

Treading a path that is new to you can sponsor fear in your heart, but what you’re seeing is not what it is, it is how you’re seeing it.

‘I don’t think I can do it,’ that’s a big lie. Whatever is echoing that in your ears, say back to it fast, ‘I can’. Don’t wait till a terrible idea of impossibility sit upon you like a lice feeding on a maiden’s hair, say to it now, ‘I can do what I set my heart to do.’

That project is not a giant, embark on it. That dream, that vision, that target is not bigger than you, you are the similitude of God. You have his capacity and ability. If He can do all things, then you can!

If anyone is giving you the impression that you can’t, don’t even bother to say goodbye to them, just go your own way.

Fear is one of your greatest enemy, if you allow her, she’ll pick your dreams one after the other, abort each of them and leave you to tread the mediocre path.

No one is saying you will not feel like your strength is gone. No one is saying you will not feel alone. No one is saying the path is smooth, but one thing is certain, even when all the facts stare at you, go for the truth.

Yes, the path might be dark and seems like a giant lies on the way, but that is the fact, it is not the truth. The truth is, you are well able to possess the land.

The Goliath on your way might be powerful, skillful, well trained, but the truth is: he is not bigger than the God of all the earth.

Every time you keep staring at only the facts, you’re already giving room for fear.

Yes, you must know the facts to be well equipped and prepared for what is ahead, but when the facts introduce fear into your heart, seek for the truth.

Fear not, only believe! Believe in yourself, you can do it. Believe in your pursuits, it is attainable! Believe in God; nothing is impossible for Him to do. Believe and kick out fear!

You might be looking at the challenges that lies between here and there, but there is always a way between here and there.

Watch what you hear and see. Whatever will not bring forth faith, will bring forth fear. Whatever past has given room for fear in your heart, let it out to someone you can trust and let it out to your maker. Don’t just let it out, let it go!

That your father turned your mum to a punching bag does not mean you cannot have a man who will love and respect you. That your past relationship did not work does not mean another cannot work. That you’ve been a victim of rape does not mean all men are evil. That the other plan failed the other time does not mean it will fail again. Face your fears! Don’t just face it, stare at it, split on it and crush it!

It is not too late to start; it is not too high to jump, it is not too wide to cover! Face your fears! Not tomorrow, face it now!

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