MARCH FORWARD XI Get Crazy About Something

This is unbelievable! It has been two years since I walked through this street and I almost forgot the way to my favorite spot. I was actually looking for what was right in front of me, not because I couldn’t see it, but I couldn’t believe how enormous the beauty shop had become.

I stood outside stunned, but then I remembered how she carefully styled my hair and her other customers as if she’ll be paid six digits and more. Little wonder she has marched forward with speed.

You cannot keep doing something as if you’re doing nothing, and expect to march forward.

There are things that is better left undone than done in a way that insult the capacity of God in you.

If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing in the best way you can. But it is not all things you can do that you will do best. That’s why you must lay hold of something(s) you will not just do, but do like you’re crazy about it.

But, you are better doing nothing than doing something bad that way, I bet you will constitute the problem we will pray to solve.

It is not that it takes so long to march forward, but it is taking long because you have been doing for long what you don’t enjoy all along.

What you don’t enjoy, you cannot get better in. Whatever you’re not getting better in, will take you nowhere.

We need a world that is full of crazy dream chasers and not lazy daydreamers.

Don’t just do anything, do something; don’t just do something, do it like you’re crazy about it.

Pursue it crazily, commit yourself to it crazily, do it in a crazily fearless way; It will march you forward.

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