MARCH FORWARD VI The Treasure Boxes II

Productive Thinking
Several oceans of ideas and possibilities have their seat in a man, but he needs to draw them out by engaging in productive thinking.

Thinking is incomplete without ‘inking’. As you think, write the seemingly fuzzy products of your thoughts down. At first, you might only figure out the formula, but you need to think through to solve the puzzles.

Sometimes, consultations and books might only give you the formula and guidelines, all you need is to take time to think and you’ll figure out how to march forward. Think about it, think it through!

There are things that are beyond the comprehension of men, and yet others that are spiritually orchestrated.

The revelational source of finding answers to how to march forward is the infallible source.

Many times when the devil wants to disrupt a man’s plans, he confuses him. He makes him to believe that he has discovered the best way to move forward only for it to end as an exercise in futility.

If your marching forward will be a major blessing to humanity, you can be sure you have roped in the devil into it. Even if you are taking the sure path forward, he might initiate a trammel, but prayer will fix that.

You need more than the knowledge of the past and present to figure out, ‘how’. You need the knowledge of what is to come and you can get that through prayers.

Don’t be fooled by enquiring about the future from a fake prophet or seer. The more you allow a man into the knowledge of your glorious destination, the more he will take advantage of this knowledge to achieve his own ends. Be wise! Simply pray!

Pray, it is the surest source. Don’t just pray, as prayer opens your eyes to what to do, do it.

What you should read, prayer will not solve. When you should consult, be responsible, do it. When you should think, don’t be lazy, use your head. The answer lies somewhere wrapped in the treasure boxes of consultations, books, productive thinking and fervent prayer.

Open the boxes, discover and take what lies in them!

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