MARCH FORWARD V The Treasure Boxes I

I ferreted my room until the room I had arranged myself became topsy-turvy. I wasn’t sure where the necklace was, but I was sure it was somewhere in my room.

I was becoming antsy and wanted to go for the closest alternative, but I didn’t want to because I had bought it for that day’s outing. While I was still considering the options, my phone rang and it was the person we were going together.

I quickly opened my jewelry box but couldn’t believe what I saw. The same box I had checked and didn’t find anything, was the same one I found it in.
It wasn’t that it wasn’t there, but I didn’t search it well.

The answer to how you will move forward lies in certain treasure boxes, and you must unremittingly search them.

Figuring out ‘how’ is always better than starting anyhow only to eventually realize that you have started the wrong way. But, it is better to start somehow than staying at a point, because in every mistake you make trying to march forward lies lessons that will teach you better ways to march forward.

The answer to ‘how’ lies in four treasure boxes:

Results lies in consultations. Sometimes consultations might be costly, yet many times it cost nothing than to seek it.

There are resource people all around you, consult them. Someone has marched through the path you want to march through; someone is already where you want to march to; and someone is currently marching through the same path, consult them.

Ask someone the way you can execute that idea. Ask someone how he managed to raise the fund he used for the project you intend on starting. You can escape that pit if you consult.

But, it is not about asking anyone. Don’t consult him because he has what you want, he is where you want to be or he is older and experienced, but because he went through the path you want to go through to get to where he is that you want to be.

Many people are where you want to be and have what you want, but only few took the right path there. It is those few that you must consult. Right consultations that propels a doing birth unwonted results.

That readers are leaders is no longer a news. Hidden in the pages of books are treasures far beyond measures that breaks the chains of limitations. Within the lines of books lies several unending answers to questions that will not only tell you how, but show you ‘how’.

The success story of men are written in books. They are not to entertain you and dazzle you, they are to show you ‘how’.

The theories men have practiced and the errors they committed while trying to practice them, lies in books; read them. You will know what to do and how to do what you want to do.

The untried theories and ideas of great minds also lies in books; they might be cowards not to try them and lack self discipline to practice them, but it works. Only he who tries to work it out will enjoy its dividend.

Wrong and time wasting books are baneful to marching forward. They will only fill your head with terrible ideas and sometimes make you believe life is chocolate and candy.

Don’t just read books, choose what you read; read right, read well and live the right things you read!

Thank you for reading!

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