Like greased lightening, I packed my bag and picked a cab to the bank. It was few minutes to four and I had to pick up my new ATM card or I would have to scrape by on less than a thousand naira over the weekend.

As I stepped into the bank premises, I saw a blind man who was trying to figure out his way out. It was not that he didn’t know where he wanted to go, but because he couldn’t see, he needed someone to give him a hand.

I wouldn’t know how long he had been at that spot, and how long he might remain there if no one would be the eyes he will see through. But, he amplified how marching forward can become an unending prayer point without sight.

The facile way to get to anywhere is to just march without insight or foresight to where one is marching to.

I once had a friend who wouldn’t move until he saw something. Sometimes I got furious with his speed, but it wouldn’t be long when he would prove me wrong with his excellent result when he finally decide to move.

There are three things you must see:

Where you should march forward to; how you’ll march till you get there; and the path you will tread to march forward.

Yet, there are things your eyes has to be blind to if you will march forward. Though it takes the harsh hands of discipline to close a seeing eyes to the breathtaking outfits of mother earth, but it is a necessity if you do not want to halt when you should be marching forward.

The paths of life are painted with diverse distractions. Sometimes the similitude of where you want to get to might smile to you, but be wise. Open your eyes wide, see clearly and see well.

Someone’s counsel, someone’s experience, someone’s view, a book, a seminar, a conversation, a relationship, might be the light you need to see clear and well. Don’t just open your eyes, shine your eyes!

Thank you for reading.

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