MARCH FORWARD III Why Are You Still Here?

It’s more than fifteen years now, but I can still remember my dad’s response to the question I asked him when we stepped out of the prison’s gate, ‘It wasn’t him. Though we knocked ourselves out to prove his innocence, it was to no avail.’

The fact that my dad’s friend would spend the rest of his life in the prison was not really the matter to me, but the fact that he was there for a crime he didn’t effectuate.

Of a truth, no one wants the prisoner’s uniform, but many are wearing one. You can call where you are the ‘Peak or Jago’ if you want, but the truth is, the moment you’re stuck to a point and go over that circle again and again, you are already wearing a prisoner’s uniform.

The cheapest way to remain in the prison is to be comfortable with the prison life. If you do not have a reason to leave where you are, you will stay put there.

Yet, you might still be where you have long desired to leave, but it takes more than just lamenting and wishing to move. There are things you won’t get, until you gun for them. An obstacle might be on the road, but it cannot fill all the paths.

That was the statement I made to my friend who confided in me. ‘The obstacle can never fill all the paths. If you’ve tried that, try something else.’ But she responded, ‘ I have tried all I possibly can’.

When she narrated her experiences, I was forced to agree that she had tried all she can. But that day, her story changed when she realized that, she was only trying all she can, she was not doing all she can; if she had, she was not doing what she should.

You need more than trying, you need to do what you need to do. You need more than doing all you can, you need to do all you should to march forward.

There is always a way. Don’t just look for a way, get ‘cutlass and rake’ to create one yourself.

You have only being ‘patakirising’ (giving unnecessary accolade) the devil or witch in your father’s house every time you say he is the reason you’re still here. Who cares if he is Pharaoh or the red sea? Who says Pharaoh and his army can’t be destroyed without a trace? Who says a sea can’t part? Either he is Herod or Pharaoh, your own business is, you’re marching forward!

Use the name, JESUS; use the blood, JESUS and set yourself free.

Don’t stay at a point beyond a WHILE. You are only permitted to taste sorrow in the NIGHT because all will taste the two sides of life. But, nothing must keep you at a spot beyond a while. Open your eyes, aren’t you seeing where you should be?

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