MARCH FORWARD I Forward March!

No one could ignore their sight as the melodious sound of the drum went as far as the third street.

Like the pulling hand of a magnet, their steps attracted the children and older women who laid eyes on the road while they uttered silent prayers for customers to patronize them.

Though I quietly walked home, I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed the melody. Their voices soon fade away as I approached my destination, but the imperative sentence glued to my heart like super glue. Maybe for the raucous voice of the commandant when he said it, but I wouldn’t know why it stayed like a viscous saliva that sticks to the wall.

As I woke up the sleeping nose with the salivating aroma that sneaked out of my kitchen to the neighbourhood, I still couldn’t stop hearing the repeated echo of, ‘Forward March’ that the commandant uttered. The more it reechoed in my ears, the more I gave it a deeper thought. The more I thought about it deeply, the more I saw the soldiers as they instantaneously moved by the command.

It was as if any other thing didn’t matter anymore, not even the distractive laughter of the excited lads or the scorching sun, it was about the order they had to immediately respond to.

They were like robots who moved by one man’s utterance.

Of a truth, no one is on the move except something/someone is moving him or he is moving because he is seeing something worthwhile ahead. Little wonder why many keep going through a similar cycle because nothing is driving them, neither are they seeing something ahead to go for.

I know not of a man who is where he cannot march forward, but I know of many men who are where they will not march forward.

Like a statue glued to a point, something, someone or even yourself might be the glue that is keeping you at a point. There are other times today’s comfort may power unwillingness to march forward when others are.

No matter the candy and chocolate you’re getting now, if it is blindfolding you to marching forward, you’re better without that candy job, relationship and it’s similitude.

Irrespective of what or who has kept you here for so long, it is time to MARCH FORWARD!

Get set, I’ll see you tomorrow as we take the next step forward! Forward March!

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