love God

The Word

“I will love thee, O Lord, my strength.”(Psalm 18:1 KJV)


David, a lover of God lived a life whose confession validates his love for God. He never saw his own strength as the reason for his victories but God’s help.

As David acknowledged the help of God in securing him victory again, He made a statement, ‘I will love thee, O Lord…’. With the future tense, ‘i will’, it makes it seem like David didn’t love God before that time and he was committing himself to now love God.

But that wasn’t the case, David was pledging his allegiance to God to love Him even more than ever before, fervently and devotedly than in the past.

Something had happened again in his life that has brought to him a clearer picture of the extent of God’s commitment to his life which propelled a desire to love God even more.

The amplified version stated that, I love you fervently and devotedly. It’s a depth of commitment. You can only love but loving fervently and devotedly is a deeper form.


Our love for God should get to the point when it is not just that we are loving Him or claim to love Him, but devotedly and fervently. It is not that we love Him but we want to keep loving Him. In the present, the future and for the past. Do you love God for your past or only for the future you look forward to Him to take you into?

If we only love Him in the present, we might wake up one day to realize that our love for Him is gone and now in the past.

It takes renewed and continual commitment to keep loving God.

See His hands in the victory of your battles rather than blame him for facing the battles.

Paying cognizance to, and acknowledging the deeds of God always is a major expression of our love for Him. The more you express it, the more your love for Him is refreshed.

Keep loving God!

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