value itWhen we achieve or acquire a thing with ease, we tend to value it less; when we go through difficulties and struggles to get others, we value it more, especially for as long as we can remember the pains we went through to have them.

But, if we keep taking the things that come with ease in life as with less value, we will end up mishandling worthwhile things that we get with ease.

If we keep taking the things that come in the hard way as the ones that are worthwhile and valuable, we will start to believe that the big things we aspire for in life will always have to come in the hard way.

It is true that everything has a demand, but not every demand is accompanied with difficulties and struggles.

It might not be difficult for you to rise because of your wealthy background, but if you become irresponsible because you rose with ease, you will soon dine with your one time servants.

You might not have waited for months or years before getting a job, but if you treat it with levity because of how easy it came, you will under utilise the opportunities that lies in it and worst off, might lose it.

She might not have kept your proposal hanging for so long, but if you value her less because getting yes from her was not difficult, you would have lost a virtuous woman to your myopic reasoning.

You might have attained success without stress, but if you’re careless about it because you got there with ease, you will soon kiss the floor.

We need to learn to correct this misconception. The value of a thing is not measured by the ease or difficulty that accompanies acquiring or achieving it.

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