Nothing is impossible, but some things are not realistic. What makes them unrealistic is not always because they are not realizable, but because sometimes the time allotted to them is not enough for them to fully take form. Other times, the visionary only saw it, but didn’t sit to count the cost or didn’t pay the price.

There are many things that seems to be gigantic and we think they are unrealistic, but they are, only that we do not make realistic plans to attain them.

Who would have thought that building a tower that will get to heaven is realistic, but because they made realistic plans, God had to find a permanent way of stopping them.

The right questions great minds ask are: Can it be done? Can our plans make our target realistic? What is the realistic move to make this seemingly unrealistic target realizable?

Dreams might seem unrealistic in the beginning, but by making realistic plans, they will become a reality.

Miracles might seem unrealistic, but by reaching out to God through the hands of faith, it will become a reality.

Some heights of greatness might seem unrealistic, but by fulfilling its demands, it will become a reality.

What makes what we want to attain unrealistic is our unrealistic plans and lack of commitment to our realistic plans.

But, there are unrealistic targets that can be realized with realistic plans that will not be realized because a greater force is obstructing it.

It was realistic to build the tower of babel, but the greatest force stopped it. Other times, the forces of darkness also stop the plans of men, but when we understand and maximize the potency of the power of the greatest force which is God, no power of darkness can stop our plans.

When God stops us, it’s good for us, but when the devil or evil doers tries to, they are only helping us to realize how realistic and profitable our plans are, as well as how threatening it is to them.

Only stop what God stops; if God doesn’t stop you, no matter how unrealistic your good target seems, it is realistic, make realistic plans and pursue it passionately!

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