The Word
“And the Lord God formed man of the DUST of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Gen 2:7dust

When God wanted to form man, He did not only have a picture of the purpose of his existence, He also clearly identified and stated it. He was so detailed to ascertain that every little thing He used aligned with the purpose of his creation. No wonder, He chose to make man in His own image and likeness because He knew it will take someone like Him to rule and have dominion over all He had created.

There was an important thing that God carefully chose when the trinity was set to commence the work, it was DUST.

God chose dust because He needed something flexible that can take the shape of what is on His mind.

Yet, beyond that, there was another important reason that its understanding will help us to understand who we are better.

If you take a close look at yourself and the human race, you would realise the capacity of man, the extent men have gone, can go, and will still go.

When God said, let us make man in our image and likeness, He didn’t mean someone close to what we are. He meant a duplicate of who He is in constituent, look, form and capacity.

This obviously reveals that mankind is capable of replicating the acts of God. No wonder there are several creations, inventions and mind blowing technologies. It is because the capacity lies in man who God made just like Him, except he limits himself.

But, it was a risk, yet God chose to take that risk. He entrusted the fullness of His nature into mankind, though He had already foreseen a time that His works will deny His existence and worst off use His nature in them against Him.

Come to think of it, how would you feel if you are in God’s shoes? How will you feel if you have a student who you committed all you’ve got to raise and end up as vast as you, but eventually turned against you? Wouldn’t you be badly hurt?

God has foreseen all these, yet He still entrusted His nature into us. But because He is the only wise God, He released His being not into a celestial container, but an earthly vessel, a dust (2Cor 4:7). God in a curtailed vessel is the only refrain that mankind has, yet, it is not a limitation, but a precaution.

Yes, yes and yes, it is only a deceit when someone calls you nobody or you see yourself as one, you have the very nature of God in you, no matter who and where you are. Except you limit yourself, nothing you can see and go for is impossible. I mean nothing!

But, don’t forgot that you’re a product of God’s creative capacity. You’re too detailed, fearful and wonderful to exist without a creator. Doing the will of your creator is not too much for Him to ask in return. After all, doing His will is more profitable to you than doing yours, as the best you can become rest in Him.

This also answers the question many people kept asking: why will the loving God send people to hell? But, we must first ask ourselves: why will the wise God allow people with the seed of devil in them to enter heaven? Why will he allow them when the constraint of the earthly vessel has been removed when He know that they will become another devil who will form a rebel against His throne and works? Spread your meat in front of a cat, and people will tell you how wise you are. The way to secure eternal life is purging yourself of impurity by accepting Jesus and allowing him to work in you.

Acknowledge your maker, reference Him, love Him and do His will. He deserves your commitment!

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