unThe climax of our progression in life is usually close to the finish line and transitional phase, just like the thickest darkness is experienced just before the breaking of the day.

The higher the magnitude and purpose of what we want to transit into, the higher the hindrances and enemies it will attract.

For instance, the moment you decide to carry your cross, which is doing the will of God and thread in the path of destiny, the first enemy you will attract is the devil.

But, the only reason you will not get to your expected end and transit to the next phase is you.

Many things will definitely disguise like an infallible giant that makes you want to back out, but you must not.

The man called Jesus that we are celebrating this season was also in that shoe. When he got to the climax of his progression in destiny, he saw the agony, pains, shame and suffering that lies ahead of him and he wanted to back out, but because of who and where he ran to, he finished well.

Who he ran to was God, and where he ran to was where he could meet with God, and he was sincerely naked before Him.

His mission could have been terminated if he went to the wrong person and place, but because he went to the right person and place, he received grace, strength and restoration of the burden of his mission.

He could see the agony ahead of him, but at that point his whole being saw nothing but the finish line. A force beyond him was driving him so much that he became unstoppable.

As God was working in him, he was also working for him, so much that even the collaborative effort of the kingdom of darkness could not stop him from finishing well and resurrecting again.

It matters who and where you run to when you feel you can no longer go further in life, destiny, vision, your walk with God, and other purposeful pursuits in life.

Your best bet is God. Run to him and you will finish well and transit to glory, and don’t forget to maximize the shoulders of those who have God’s mind that He has strategically placed in your life.



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