Blog post 2

Your plans might have failed, but you’re not a failure if you don’t quit.

You might think that your cohorts are ahead of you, but your time will come if you wait for your time.

You might think that nothing is falling in place, but it will if you don’t stop trying.

You might be doubting the existence of God because of an unpalatable experience, but He is alive and He will change your story if you believe.

You might not be able to undo the past, but you can create a better future if you learn to move on.

You might think no one gets to the top without staining their hands, but there are still honest men at the top, only believe in your sweat.

You might be scared of rising again because you’ve fallen before, but you won’t fall if you don’t lose confidence in yourself and God.

You might have experienced shame and withdrawn to your shell like a snail, but it is only meant to be part of your story if you will come out of that shell.

You might think your wound is too deep to be healed, but it will be healed, only that you’ve not tried the Balm of Gilead.

You might have concluded that there is nothing worth living for anymore, but there is, if you learn to dream and live again.

You might not want to love again because you’ve been jilted in the past, but there is someone out there who will love and respect you if you don’t shut the doors of your heart.

You might think good men no longer exist because of your past relationship, but there are still countless numbers of them, only that you’re not positioning yourself for the good ones.

You might think genuine love no longer exist, it does, only that you coined your definition of love from movies.

You might think abstinence from pre-marital sex is impossible, but there are still undefiled men and woman, only control your house and access God’s grace.

You might think a sin free life is impossible, it is, if you let go and let God.

You might think hell is a farce, but it is as real as the earth, only live a righteous life or you would have ended there before you believe.

You might be doubting the coming of the Lord, but He will when you least expect, watch and pray.

No matter what you think because of what you’ve gone through or you’re going through, someone has been there that scaled through, you can, if you learn to lean on God and others.

No matter what…….

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