Harness Life’s Opportunities


In life lies several doors that lead to diverse thrones. These doors come as opportunities.

Life itself is an opportunity. Being a carrier of the image and likeness of God is an opportunity.

The constituents of creation are embodiment of opportunities. The sectors of life is a birth of the diversity of creation, that constitute several opportunities. The complexity of human system for instance, begat the field of medicine. The creativity and the beauty of the universe begat the world of art, like several other works of God.

In each sector of life lies unlimited opportunities for every individual. Identify, explore and harness them.

There are opportunities in opportunities. For several opportunities that life brings our way, there is more to it than the immediate opportunity we educe from it. Neglecting an opportunity might be missing out of several opportunities.

Every man that you encounter in life is an opportunity. Some have the capacity to raise you to the latter phase of life. Some have access to the ladders that will take you to there. Some know how to build ladders to attain heights in life. Some others are practical examples of failure, omissions and excesses in life that you can learn from.

The opportunities around you will only waste away if you keep looking away, view them in a myopic way, or handle them with airiness.

Great men are not born great, they became great by maximizing opportunities.

The more you come in terms with opportunities around you and maximize them, the farther you can go in life.

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