Absolute Trust in God


It’s been a long while since I shared an experience on ‘free to share’. Permit me to share what happened to me some weeks ago that helped me to trust God better.

It was past eight in the evening, when the pastor of my church announced that the two services will hold the following day.

I was amidst the choristers for the first service, and it was a spur of the moment. We thought it would be a combine service. Moreover, only three of us were around.

I was having stomach pains, but I didn’t want to distract others. All I could do was to pray for God’s leading as we sat to figure out what we would minister in the morning.

Just about then, one of us sang a short chorus that sounded like what we needed. We agreed apace to sing it and decided to compose verses to add to it and left.

By the time I got home to compose mine, the tone had slipped from my memory. But, as I beckoned to the Spirit within to remind me, I heard, “Do you trust me?” And I answered, “Yes.” “Just go and rest, I’ll help you,” He replied. I held on to His word and went to sleep.

I got to church only to realise that others didn’t compose any verse either. It was time to minister, and all we had was a short chorus, but I trusted the Holy Spirit’s word.

I can’t explain how, but, there was spontaneous inspiration as we ministered. As we dropped the microphone, the congregation applauded excitedly. As the pastor stepped on the pulpit, he also commended the ministration.

I was on my way home when a sister approached me and said, “I really love your ministration today ma, God bless you.”

It wasn’t the applause or the commendation that excited me, it was the knowledge of how sweet it is to trust Jesus.

It would have been irresponsibility if we knew there would be service earlier and didn’t rehearse. I would also have been irresponsible if I wasn’t in pains and I just slept without making any attempt.

But He saw our heart and our state, and He stepped in, because we trusted him.

I have never experienced, nor heard of any man who trusted in God and was put to shame.

Trust Him better, trust Him more, trust Him completely, trust Him now, and trust Him always. He won’t fail you.





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