God still communicates His mind to humankind as much as He does in the past. The more we have access to His mind, the more we can become the God in us. Knowledge of His mind is access to the wisdom of God that can solve all the puzzles of life.

Knowledge of His mind comes in three different dimensions:

Pre knowledge, Present knowledge and Post knowledge.

The Three Dimensions

Pre Knowledge

Access to what is to come before it comes, is pre knowledge. Operation in this dimension is primarily a function of a consistent and intimate walk with God, propelled by deep love for Him.

Jesus knew just about everything that he went through on earth before its occurrence, because he was always in tune with his father.

Knowing what is to come before it comes, gives room to do what should be done before it comes. It also gives room to prevent what should not come, that is to come.

Present Knowledge

This dimension ascertains a spontaneous access to God’s mind, to access divine insight as a matter comes to sight.

As King Pharaoh was narrating the dream to Joseph, he was accessing the interpretation simultaneously. (Gen 41:22-25)

Accessing God’s mind in this dimension guarantees access to divine wisdom on time. But, only a renewed mind that has been trained to pick God’s mind irrespective of the noise around, can operate in this dimension.

Post Knowledge

Knowing the unknown after demand has been placed on knowing the unknown, is post knowledge.

Daniel sought the Lord and came back with answers, after King Nebuchadnezzar had placed a demand on the sage men of the land to tell him his dream and its interpretation. (Dan 2:16).

Operating only at the post knowledge dimension is the weakest and lowest dimension.

There are things that waiting to find out after sometime might not be able to solve again. Many destinies would have been sustained if they knew the journey they would embark on and not return before time.

Knowing the right thing at the wrong time can be as deadly as ignorance itself.

It is good to be able to access God’s mind, but the dimension at which we access it will tell on our journey in life.

The better the dimension, the more we can live long to fulfill destiny maximally!



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