20177It’s a beautiful day and a beautiful BEGINNING. The END cannot but reflect the BEGINNING, just as the FOUNDATION determines the outcome of the BUILDING.

It is good to be excited about the BEGINNING, but it is better to divert the excitement of the BEGINNING into seeing to a desirable END.

Several words of PROPHECIES has been declared, but no PROPHECY fulfils itself. PROPHECIES are fulfilled by strict ADHERENCE and OBEDIENCE to the INSTRUCTIONS attached to them. While others are excited about what is SAID, you better sit to ask, what is to be DONE?

If you can’t SEE what you want this YEAR TO BIRTH, there is nothing to BELIEVE. Even if God says it, you can’t OBEY the instructions attached to what you DOUBT. You can only RECEIVE what you BELIEVE.

If you can SEE it, result is at your REACH. But not everything at your REACH will become yours, except you SEEK it. SEEKING is your responsibility to find and have what you SEE. SUCCESS exist, but you must SEEK it by meeting its DEMANDS. What you SAW and can’t SEEK is DAYDREAMING.

If you can SEE it, you can SEEK it; if you can SEEK it, you can SPEAK it. SPEAKING it is not the same as blowing your own trumpet or sharing what you should KEEP in your HEART. It is ENGAGING THE FORCE OF THE WORD on which THE WORLD IS FORMED, until you SEE what you SEEK.

POSITIVE PROFESSION helps us to THINK POSITIVE, SEE POSITIVE and ACT POSITIVE, until we can really SEE POSITIVE! Engage your TONGUE positively!

SEE it, SEEK it and SPEAK it, and the year cannot but RELEASE its ABUNDANCE to you!

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