To many, the countdown to the end of the year started at the beginning of this month. But, the countdown has been accompanied by several views by several people.


When a wrestler is overpowered, and the referee is about to start the three slams, it is not over until the last slam.

If he can gather the strength he has left, he can win or lose victoriously. Several times a loss is not a defeat, it is victory and greater victory in disguise, when we have done all that we can.

It matters that you have limited time in this year, if you take it as a motivation. You can make it matter.

What do you think the year is incomplete without? You have what it takes to remove the ‘IN’ beside ‘COMPLETE’.

Starting, continuing or ending something might be the completeness of this year to you. Fixing a mistake or moving on, might be completeness to you. Making or accepting a proposal might be completeness to you.  Starting or ending a relationship might be completeness to you. Strategizing and re-strategizing might be all you need to make this year truly complete.

Before the seconds in this year is complete, do it! You better than anyone knows what makes this year complete to you.

But, don’t forget, there are things you practically thought will make this year complete that God knows that, it will eventually introduce you to incompleteness. Be sensitive and don’t move against God’s moves to stop them.

If it is not God stopping you, nothing can stop you, but you. Go for it! Before the year is complete, make it complete!

Happy New Year in Advance!

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