“I don’t know how to thank you commensurately,” said Ps. Michael as Frank was set to leave. “Come on, it’s nothing. I’ll keep in touch,” he said, as they embraced and he departed.


Some weeks later, she took in again. But, her morning sicknesses as days were fast becoming weeks, was more alarming than the first time. The excitement was fast fading away as Ps. Michael had to deal with not just his wife’s sickness, but their house maid who had also been sick for some days.

His wife’s sickness was understandable, but the maid was not getting better. Ps. Michael had to invite their doctor home to check her again.

As Ps. Michael and his wife were settling down to rest, his wife asked, “Love, you didn’t tell me what the doctor said about Faith,” “Wel-l-l..he said I should bring her for some tests tomorrow, and also said we might consider a pregnancy test for her,” he replied.  “Pregnancy test! Why?” She asked with a rather startling tone.

” I don’t know. I asked the same question too,” he replied. “She has been under our roof and she never told me she is seeing anyone,” she said. “Well, let’s not run into any conclusions yet. I’ll just take her tomorrow. Let’s wait till tomorrow,” he said. “Ok,” she responded as they prayed and slept.

The day broke, and Mrs Michael was the first to wake, as she hastened her husband because of their appointment with the doctor.

“Then you should start packing your things,” was the first statement Mrs Michael made when the result was confirmed positive, and Faith refused to tell them who was responsible for the pregnancy. “Mine, relax, don’t allow her to get you ticked off, let’s give her time,” said Ps. Michael and they left her in the living room.

Mrs Michael did not cool off a bit, the moment her husband slept off, she left his side and went to her room and woke her up.

“Who is responsible for your pregnancy?” She asked sharply. “I don’t know,” she replied. “Are you sick? How won’t you know who impregnated you,” she said. “O-o-oo-ooga!” she said like a stammerer.

It was a hit like ton of bricks to Mrs Michael. “What are you saying? Which oga, oga who? You’re kidding right? My husband can never do such,” she said when Ps. Michael walked in.

“What is going on here? Why are you here? I woke up and didn’t find you beside me,” he said.

“She just said oga is responsible for her pregnancy, and I don’t understand which oga she meant,” explained Mrs Michael. “I didn’t get you. Which oga?” He said and smiled in a way.

“Are you dumb? Answer him,” said Mrs Michael infuriatingly when Faith pointed towards Ps. Michael.

Ps. Michael’s expression suddenly changed, as he became irate. “Look, do not allow the devil to use me. Who? How can I reduce myself to such a thing?”  He said.

Mrs Michael was stuck for words. She just didn’t know what to say or believe. She just left the room without uttering another word.

Good news might take time to spread, but the bad ones quickly find their way around. Ps. Michael’s integrity was soon questioned. His wife didn’t know what to believe, but no matter the whispers and gossips, she stood by him.

“Mine, I really do not know what to say or how I can make you understand that I can never do such a thing. I really hope you trust me. I really hope you do,” he said as they quietly lied on the bed. “I know you can’t, but I just can’t seem to understand anything here,” she said in tears as he embraced her and they both prayed together in tears.

Some minutes later, Revd. Oyebade called Ps.Michael. “Good evening sir, we are good sir. Well, there is nothing new yet sir. She still insisted I am responsible for the pregnancy sir. No sir. I was also thinking of that sir. I’ll do that and get back to you. Thank you sir,” he said and ended the call.

“Mine, Revd. Oyebade asked after you. He suggested we should see how we can make her do a paternity blood test,” he said. “Oh! That’s true. OK,” she replied.

She insisted she was not going to have the test, but they had to make her do it. While they await the result, she started acting weak and fainted. Just about then, the result was out.

The result prove her claims abortive. “There is no way you can possibly be the owner of this pregnancy,” said the doctor. Ps. Michael breath some relieve but Mrs Michael seems indifferent.

“Mine, you don’t seem placated to me,” said Ps. Michael. “I never doubted you in the first place. My concern has been, who is responsible for the pregnancy, and why would she insist that it’s yours when it’s not?” Mrs Michael replied. “That’s the question we would ask her when she is awake,” replied Ps. Michael.

“Mine, Let me speak with Revd. Oyebade,” said Ps. Michael. As he was about dialing his number, a call came through.

“My brother, how are you doing? Yes, when was that? I don’t understand? What! How would you do that?  And are you aware she is pregnant? Do you know she actually claimed it was mine initially? Look, I’ll speak to you later, she is awake now.” he said and dropped the call.

Mrs Michael was still uncertain of what to conclude. “Let’s just assume I didn’t know who called and I didn’t hear your conversation. Just tell me it’s not him,” she said.

Instead of Ps. Michael answering her, he turned to Faith who was on the hospital bed where they sat beside her. “I will ask you this the last time, and do not dare me. Who is responsible for your pregnancy?” Ps. Michael asked. “Uncle F-F-Fran-k,” she answered. “What!” exclaimed Mrs Michael.

“And why did you claim it was mine?” Ps. Michael asked. “I am sorry, I am sorry,” she answered in tears. “Answer my question,” he said. “I-I-I just like the way you treat madam,” she said. “What! So you want to be in my shoes? This is ridiculous,” said Mrs Michael.

There was really nothing more to say. It was a relieve, yet a shock.

It was indeed a beautiful day and a notable sunday as Ps. Michael stepped on the pulpit as a pastor again, having been suspended because of the matter. One thing he didn’t forget to say was, “in all these, she trusted me and stood by me.”

…..THE END……

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