The vomit will just not stop and she became very weak. Pas Michael hastily clad himself and took her to the hospital.

5Though he had gone to the hospital with ants in pants, they drove back home with excitement after the news of her pregnancy.

He was very helpful and caring as she went through her trimester.

As he excitedly marked out the last day of the third month of her pregnancy, he heard her calling his name from the bathroom. He fleetly went to meet her and was shocked to see her bleeding.

He rushed her to the hospital, but she lost the pregnancy. It was a hard hit on him as much as it was on his wife.

“Mine, it’s alright!” he said as they drove down to the house. She was very weak and made no statement nor respond to any of the words of her husband all through that day.

Their maid brought dinner, but she refused to eat. “You can’t stay like this all day, please eat,” pleaded her husband. All she did was to turn around and close her eyes as tears ran down her cheek.

Her husband moved closer to her and held her in his hands. “Mine, our Father will give us much more beautiful gifts, please. You know I love you. It’s alright!” he said and assuaged her.

The loss seems to be fading away, but her countenance did not change much. As her husband put her to bed, he thought aloud, “How do I get the lively woman I used to know back?” He asked himself. After a little while, he smiled and slept.

She resumed work after some days. As she waited for her husband to pick her after the stressful hours at work, he didn’t show up and one of the staffs offered to drop her.

Few moments after the car that took her left, her husband drove in. He immediately turned back as soon as he was informed she had left.

She got home tuckered out. She landed on the couch and her maid gave her a cup of cold water. As she drank it, she noticed there was someone else in the house and looked up, “Who am I seeing?” Just about then her husband entered.

“Mine, I am so sorry, I drove as fast as I could,” he explained as he was stepped into the house.

She was already in the arms of her friend,  excited. “Love, you didn’t tell me he was coming,” she told her husband.

“Oh, really, I didn’t?” he replied jokingly. “Frank, I’ve missed you. How are you?” She asked with a smile. “I am great. I see Pas Michael is really taking good care of you,” he said. “You can say that again,” she responded.

“He was the one I went to pick. I would have picked you up on time,” explained Pas. Michael. “Oh, It’s ok,” she said.

The house was lighted up as they gist until every one started feeling sleepy.

“I knew Frank always has a way of lightening you up. I thought if he stayed a little while, it could help,” explained Pas Michael while they laid to sleep. “Thank you love, that’s thoughtful of you. But,” she said and paused. “But what?” He asked.

“I thought you get jealous when he is around me,” she said. “That was then. If you wanted to choose him, you would have. There will always be friends that are not meant to be our soul mate no matter how they are close to our hearts. I understand he is and I respect that.”

“Ok,” she responded and they prayed together and slept.

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