The Wise Path


At every point in life, there is a wise turning. To every pursuit in life, there is a wise principle to acquire it. To every question in life, there is a wise answer. To every problem in life, there is a wise solution.

According to Wikipedia, “wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight”

Wisdom is a product whose constituent includes knowledge, understanding, insight, experience and rightness.

But just like there is a wise path to thread to get to a junction in life, there are also other paths.

There is a popular misconception that, the path doesn’t matter, it’s about the destination. Someone once told me, It doesn’t matter what needs to be done, it doesn’t matter what it takes, it doesn’t matter which path to thread, all that matters is that I have what I want.

But the cost of anything is always higher than doing the wise thing. And subsequently higher than the pursuit in question. By the time you have it, you realize that it’s not worth it, and you had lost something much more valuable that you can’t recover.

It is not only that you get to where you desire in life that matters, but how you get to where you desire in life.  The beauty of life is not just about the season of achievement, but also the process that precedes that season.

It takes wisdom to enjoy life even while you aim for a height in life. It helps you to enjoy every moment you go through.

Wisdom teaches you to do the right thing for the right thing. Doing or giving just about anything to get something in life is not wisdom. When you finally have what you did the unspeakable to acquire, you will realize it is not what makes the world go round.

It might take anything to get what you want in life, but it takes the lessons and wisdom you acquired by the experiences of the journey to the destination, to maintain, retain, increase and preserve your achievement.

The wise path is sure and safe! Wise up!

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