The Word

‘And Moses answered and said, But, behold,  they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my  voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not  appeared unto thee. And the Lord said unto him,  What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.’  (Ex 4:1-2)

Implication and Application

It is in your Hands.

While Moses was busy sighting and presenting the reasons the mission of sending him to deliver Israel would not be successful, God was seeing the solution to his complaints in his hands.

He didn’t even realize that the answer to his question was in his hands. He didn’t even realize that, what he would need in the journey is in his hands. He didn’t even realize that, what God will use to do great signs and wonders is in his hands. He was still complaining of how the people would believe he was from God, when God was seeing the instrument he would use in his hands.

Just like Moses, most of us have been blinded to the solutions in our hands. Most of us are looking out when the solution lies within. Most of us keep struggling with a puzzle, when the answer lies in our hands.

Pay cognizance to yourself, the things in your hands and the people in your life. The solution and the way out is not far fetched. It is in your hands.

There is Something in your hands.

Moses didn’t even realize there was something worthwhile in his hands. It is wrong to think that you have nothing. No one has nothing.

Even if you don’t have money and great possession now, you have life. You have the capacity to reason productively, you have time, you have strength, you have gifts, you have people in your life and so many other things. There is something in your hands.

Living with the mentality of having nothing has limited so many people. Many people think they have nothing and they are at the disadvantaged end of life. People feel the people who are propitious are those that have something and will become something. That is not true. You have all it takes to become great and notable in life.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, you have something.

What you have in your Hands is not just Anything.

Moses didn’t see anything special in the rod in his hands. It was just a rod to him, but it became more than just a rod.

Many times, we don’t see anything special in what we have. We just see it as just anything. We don’t see anything special in who we are, we don’t see anything special in the people we have.

Your gifts are not just anything. The people in your life might not be famous and rich, but they are not just anything.

Every thing does not always look like what it really is. Gold might not look like gold in its raw form, but it is gold. Don’t reduce the value of what you have in your hands. Moses didn’t realize the worth of the rod, not until God used it to wrought miracles.

See more to the things in your hands and it will become more than you think it is. Your gift will only become something when you see more to it. The little you have is not little or just anything.

What is in your Hands?

When Moses told God the people would not believe him, God answered him by asking for what he has in his hands.

What do you have? Sometimes we expect God to do magic, forgetting that God will use what we have. God always ask for something to release something. God always ask for a seed that He would water. God always seek for what we have that He would use.

What do you have? When you get to a junction in life when you need a breakthrough or you’re in a fix or you desire a way forward, always remember to ask yourself, ‘What do I have in my hands that God can use? What do I have in my hands that will bring what I need to my hands? Who do I have in my life that will show or lead me to the way out?

Never forget that, no matter who you are, you do not have nothing. That seemingly little thing in your hands is what you need, if only you learn to maximize it!


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