You will reap what you sow, much more than you sow, and much later than you sow!

Every choice we make, relationship we keep, word we speak, and step we take in life is a seed.

Life is a fecund land. It multiplies whatever falls on it. Many times, we think what we do in the past remains in the past, but that isn’t true. Though it was done in the past, the repercussion is not in the past.

Some of these seeds take much time to germinate, and others take lesser time to germinate. But, it will germinate soon or later.

Life is a fair land, it doesn’t grow what you do not sow on it, but it would multiply what you sow on it.

The good thing is, life does not force a particular seed into anyone’s hand. If you allow anyone to dictate the kind of seed you sow in life, when it grows, you will be the one to harvest it.

Most times, many people think their seeds will not germinate during their life time. That is not true, you will reap what you sow.

Sometimes, other people will partake from the harvest, but the sower will not be spared. When a father sows good or bad seeds, his posterity will partake from the harvest, either directly or indirectly.

But, wise children can redeem themselves from any bad generational seeds, by simply embracing the provision of the blood of Jesus and sowing good seeds. It is therefore expedient that we consider the people in our lives when we choose and sow our seeds in life.

So many people are stuck in life now, not because they didn’t do all they can, but because they have sown a bad seed earlier in life. The season of harvest will indubitably come. It will not just end here on earth, but after we use life’s exit door.

Though every man will reap what he sows, but when a man comes to the realisation of the past bad seeds he has sown, and he is willing to fix it, there is a way.

It will take more than sowing good seeds now, but readiness to pay the price. Every bad seed in the past has a specific price to fix it, and it always cost more than it costed when it was sown.

A sure way of fixing this is accepting and embracing the redemptive package of Jesus Christ, who paid the price with his life and took the burden of the past on himself.

But, this does not negate the place of taking responsibility. Rather, he daily teaches us and helps us to take responsibility to fix the past.

Taking responsibility to some might mean going to seek forgiveness from the people they have sown bad seeds into their lives. To some other people, it might mean forgiving themselves and letting go of the past. To some others, it might mean doing what they omitted in the past.

The responsibility of fixing the past differs, depending on the kind of seed that was sown in the past.

Ask yourself:

The seed I have been sowing, what kind of harvest should I expect?

What kind of seed have I sown and my loved ones are reaping, or will soon reap?

What kind of seed am I sowing now?

What kind of seed should I sow to harvest my desired fruits?

You will reap much more than you sow, now or later! Sow what you can live with!




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