She was challenged to a fight

But she did like one with no might

She was forced to talk

But she wouldn’t even accept to write with a chalk

She was pressured to move

But she stayed as if she had no plan or a move

She was taken for a fool

But waiting to her was a tool


Her calm touch relieves the burdened heart

Her soft speech softens even a Pharaoh’s heart

Her calm wait calms even the stormy sea

Her sage move turns drops of water to a sea


Some say she’s so slow

Some say she can only be below

Some say she’s a time waster

Some say she can’t be greater


But when they needed to keep their home

They called her

When they needed to secure a prize home

They sought her

When they needed to end the war

They used her

When they started to keep God’s law

They were told they can’t do without her


Patience might not buy you a mansion today

But it will someday

Patience might be the reason for your insults today

But it will secure you honour someday

Patience might cost you much today

But it will profit you someday

Be patient for patience to perfect you today

And she will take you to your latter days



4 thoughts on “PATIENCE

  1. Some said she was a thing of the past
    Some said she would never get the biggest share
    Yet all she could do was stare
    Knowing only time would tell
    All in due season she would bear

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Insults, yes for things I knew not what I did,
    But nor did they !
    O, they said we did not know,
    If we knew we would have got your mansion back !
    Patience did not get my mansion back,
    But who needs a mansion,
    When, you have been blessed with a home of your own.
    And while they bow down in shame,
    I have secured my honor today 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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