apartmentPas & Mrs Michael’s apartment was looking quite spick-and-span. The maid they just got, resumed work two days ago and woke up before anyone else to tidy up the house.

As the alarm rang, Pas. Michael woke up, but Mrs Michael seems reluctant to get up. “Mine! Good morning,” he greeted and she smiled back and stretched. “Tell me it’s not 5:00am yet,” she said. “You wish,” he answered as he brought the table clock close to her and showed her the time.

“Seriously, the night was really short,” she said. “Really, come on, get up!” He responded. She sat up and they joined hands to pray together. They studied the scriptures and had a revivifying encounter in God’s presence.

“Love, what are we eating this morning? Your husband is really hungry,” said Pas. Michael. “What does my husband feel like eating?” She asked. “If there is plantain in the house, I’ll like fried plantain with fried egg,” he said. “There is, I’ll fix that, let me use the bathroom first,” she said and left his side.

Pas. Michael went to the sitting room and saw Sarah who greeted him, but he seems to be irked with what she was wearing. “Good morning sir,” greeted Sarah. “Good morning,” he responded reluctantly, and returned to the room without picking what he came out for.

His wife was already coming out, but he beckoned on her to come into the room. “Honey, I want to go and fix your food,” she said. “I know, have you seen Sarah?” He asked. “No, you know I am just stepping out of the room. What is it?” “Please, tell that lady what and what she can wear and not wear in this house. Her nightie is too revealing,” he said. “Really! OK, I’ll speak to her,” she said and left the room.

“Sarah! Sarah!” She beckoned. “Good morning ma,” she greeted. “Good morning, I see the house is in an apple-pie order. Well done,” she said. “Thank you ma,” she responded. She checked her out and realized that her husband was right. “Please, I need you to wear something genteel in the house. This is too revealing,” she said. “I am sorry ma, OK ma,” she answered as she tried pulling the nightie to cover her exposed cleavage. “Can you see that yourself? Change into something better and join me in the kitchen,” she said. “OK ma,” she answered and hurried to her room.

While they were fixing the breakfast, Pas. Michael went to bath. It wasn’t long that Sarah rushed into the room calling him. “Yes, I am in the bathroom,” he responded. “Sir, please I don’t know what is wrong with madam sir,” she said, looking uneasy. “Who?” He asked. He quickly opened the shower to clean the soap on his body, covered himself and came out.” What did you say happened?” He asked. “I don’t know,” she replied. “What do you mean by you don’t know?” He said as he hastened to the sitting room.

He met her sitting on the sofa, looking very weak. “Mine! What is it?” He asked, as he rushed to her side. “I don’t know, I am feeling very weak and dizzy. I felt like this at the office yesterday, but I was better after a while,” she explained. “And you didn’t tell me,” he said. “I was already feeling better when I got back home,” she said. “Sorry.” He turned to Sarah, “Please get me water,” he said. “I gave her water earlier sir,” she responded. “OK. Sorry dear. Sarah, please finish up with the cooking so that she’ll eat.”he said. “OK sir,” she answered and left. “We’ll drop at the hospital before going to the office.” he said to his wife.

After a little while, she seems to be breathing easy, “Are you feeling better now?” He asked. “I think so. You didn’t have a thorough bath, look at soap on your ear,” she said. “Oh! I couldn’t even bath half way when I rushed out,” he replied. “Really! Were you scared?” she asked. “Am I not supposed to be scared?” He asked when she felt like throwing up and rushed into the bathroom.

Thank you for reading. It is always a privilege to have you around. See you next time!


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