Imagine a cell phone trying to function like a spoon, when its construction cannot function as one. What exactly is the correlation between a cell phone and a spoon? It might sound so odd, but, several people are living just like that. We try to become what we were never made to become, and end up frustrating and limiting ourselves.

God brought man into the picture, primarily for the need to have someone whose constituent is just like Him, to rule over and oversee every other creature on earth.
But, the lack of understanding of the first man about this gracious privilege to dominate, rule and administer the earth, made them fall a victim of the deception of the devil to become like God.

In the actual sense, they were already god, with the capacity to function as one over the earth. Eventually, they went for the shadows and couldn’t catch anything and were displaced at the end.

The exploits and limitation of a man in life, is dependent on the extent of his understanding: his understanding of life and his understanding of who he is made to become.

You will only be limited, if you try to become what you are not made to become. Birds are not made to swim; fishes are not made to fly and animals are not made to fly.

Becoming what you are not made to become is like a bird trying to swim like a fish, or an animal trying to fly like a bird. You can just imagine what that scenario will look like.
You might even be close to who you are meant to become, like a stainless cup trying to become a pot. It might still be able to stand the heat of the fire, but that is not the best it is made for.

Your attempt to become someone else, will only expose you to struggles and limitations. Don’t start making something else out of yourself that you are not. Don’t try to be someone else. You will only embark on a fruitless journey.

No matter how much a dog tries, he cannot fly because he was not made to fly. The best you can ever be, is only what you are made to be. Don’t go for less, go for the best. Be yourself; that’s the best you can be!

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