I remembered going to the stadium with some of my friends. As the athletes were getting set to start the race, there was a funny scenario that occurred. While the athletes were awaiting the signal for the commencement of the race, an athlete just started running with all his strength.

We were startled. No one could comprehend what he was running for before the commencement of the race. As he got to the finishing line, he started jubilating. He was automatically disqualified from the race and ended up with nothing.

That sounds odd right? Why would he do that? Well, it might sound odd to you, but that’s exactly what you do anytime you make an untimely and a purposeless move in life. It is being in a haste for nothing.


Time is precious, we all know that. Time waits for no one, yes it’s true. But, it’s better to take a step at a time, than taking many steps together on a bid to achieve so much in life.

Although there is a common calendar in life, but you didn’t start your journey in life with anyone. Every man has his own calendar in life.

Don’t move because you see others on the move, move because you know why you need to move. Don’t allow anyone to taunt your sitting season. You need it to plan your strategies and get a clearer view of the things you’re about to enter into.

People might have been on the move ahead of you, but, if your sitting is timely and purposeful, you will meet up and even outrun many of them.

I am not getting younger and most of my chums have already changed their surname, but I am not moved. Do you know why? Because I learnt early in life not to move because others are moving. It might be their time to move and not mine yet.

Have you seen any eye-popping thing in life that was started, or done hastily? Reflect on the major success you’ve recorded in life, was it an hasty pursuit?

Obviously, pressure is coming from every side, but don’t allow it to get to you. The moment your sitting season is over, those that took you for a fool when you were sitting, will witness your rising.

This is not an excuse for sitters. I have not said, you should be idle and make nothing out of your life. I have not said, you should be slow. I have not said, you should be lackadaisical under the covering of sitting.

I have only said, there is a time in life when you have to count the cost, when you have to learn and when you have to wait.

You’re waiting not because you can’t stand, but because what you are about to do must not jump a season. A season to learn and discover all you will need to uncover when you stand.

The quietness of a wise man is not lack of insight, but the understanding of how and when to speak.

It is better to sit than make a hasty move, only to end up any where or no where. The haste will end up been a waste. The time, energy and resources you’ve wasted, cannot be recovered.

We must learn not to move because others are moving, or seems to be ahead of us. Move because you know why you are moving. Move because you understand that it is the proper time to move, and you have counted the cost of moving.

You might have taken a wrong move or presently taking a wrong move, don’t wallow in regret. You can now get yourself a sit. It’s time to learn what you omitted. It’s time to go through the process you skipped. It might not be easy, but it is better than continuing a purposeless journey.

Stop wasting the arrows in your hand. Every attempt you make in life hastily, is a wasted arrow. It will not hit any major target! Why the haste?

























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