Few hours before Mrs Daniel’s death, Dr. Roland had checked on her some minutes earlier and ascertained that, she was in a good state.

But, when the nurse went to administer her medication, she realized that she was struggling for breath. She rushed to Dr Roland’s office to call him and he tried all he could to reinstate her, but she kicked the bucket.

Barr. Daniel had returned some days earlier, after Pas. Michael informed him about the incidence. On the day of her demise, he had checked her in the morning and left to get her lunch. He came back, inspirited that his wife will be discharged the following morning according to the doctor, only for the doctor to inform him of her death.

At his residence, several people were already coming to pay a condolence visit. Though he was handling it like a man, but he just kept recapitulating a statement, “If I knew, I would not have allowed her to drop me. Is she gone?” Pas. Michael and the other close relatives and friends, who were with him tried all they could, to console him.

Later that night at Pas. Michael’s apartment, Pas. Michael noticed that his wife had a sad countenance. Though it was expected because of the sudden loss, but it seems it was something else.

“Mine, are you OK? We will have to keep praying for him for strength to bear the loss, there is nothing we can do. God gives and takes,” he said, but she only sighed and didn’t give any response. He moved closer to her and embraced her, “Mine, it’s OK, or is there something else?” He asked.

Tears rolled down her pretty cheeks, which got Pas. Michael ill at ease. “Mine!” he called, as she cuts in. “It’s just that…,” she said and kept crying. “It’s just that what? Mine, please what is it?” He asked.

“If I had prayed, maybe she’ll still be alive,” she said sobbing. “We all prayed for her recovery. We are not God,” he affirmed. “No, I saw it, I saw it,” she lamented. “Saw what? Please talk,” he replied.

“I had a revelation a week before the accident occurred. I saw her conversing with someone who offered her a cloth. She looked at it and realized that, the cloth was for dead people. She told the person she doesn’t need it, because it is for dead people. But, the person overpowered her and forced the cloth on her. In the process, she saw us from afar and was calling us to rescue her, but we were arguing over a matter, so we just ignored her and I woke up,” she explained and he sighed.

“I wanted to pray, but, I don’t know. Maybe you got me upset that day and I forgot. I just can’t remember clearly why I didn’t intercede for her. It was when I saw her dead body that I remembered the dream,” she explained.

He seems not to know what to say and hugged her, as she cried, he cried too, but he didn’t want her to notice and quickly dried his tears. “Revd. Oyebade said something like that,” he said. “Said what?” She asked.

“I visited him and told him how demanding the work is, considering some unforeseen circumstances I had to handle concerning my members. He told me, it was because we no longer intercede for them in agreement. That if we were, we wouldn’t have unrest over their lives,” he explained.

“Oh God!” she lamented. “We might have been distracted with our disagreements, and the devil took advantage, but we won’t allow him again. We won’t! Mine, let’s pray,” he said as they both knelt down and prayed intensely.

Thanks for dropping by again. I’m always delighted to have you here!

Last time, a wonderful brother attempted the question and he was right. This week, the questions are:

  1. What was the omission that Revd. Oyebade called the attention of Pas. Michael to?
  2. Do you think if Mrs Michael had interceded for Mrs Daniel, she will still be alive?
  3. What is intercession to you?

Can’t wait to hear from you. See you next time!



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