jesus 2

He was born in the manger, though he was great and sublime

He took the form of a man, though he had been God ahead of time

He fed thousands of men twice, though he didn’t have a dime

He taught men the word of God, though he was young at the time

He healed many diseases, yet he didn’t take a dime

He wrought many miracles, yet he didn’t claim that ‘I’m’

He ate with many sinners, yet he committed no crime

He felt women’s touch as well, yet he lusted at no time

He was quite hungry at times, yet he begged not for a dime

He was always without sin, yet  he was killed for no crime

He healed so many and their homes, but treated him like nought

He was bruised by men he loved, but endured and cursed them not

He was afflicted by men, but revenge he never sought

He was flogged and died for us, but our life we gave him not

He was unstained and sinless, but bore all the sinners’ lot

He paid the price for our sins, but we acknowledged him not

He was quite equal with God, but to rob God he thought not

He kept coming and calling, but we received him not

He is everything in all, but some know him not

He gave everything to us, but we treat him still like nought

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