Pas. Michael and his wife were already in bed to call it a day. Pas. Michael who has been compunctious after his meeting with his spiritual father, turned towards his wife and said, “Mine!” “Yeah,” she answered. “I am really sorry for everything. I am sorry I’ve not treated you as you deserve lately. I was only carried away. Forgive me,” he said.

“I love you. It’s ok. I know you have a bigger responsibility and I am not asking for much. I just don’t love knowing I am no longer important like I was to you before. And you’ve really been making me feel inept for the role of a minister’s wife,” she explained. “Mine! I am sincerely sorry, I would make it work. Please be imperturbable, I promise you, I’ll make it work,” he affirmed. “Alright,” she replied.

There was a sudden change in the atmosphere of the room which has not been for a while. They played around for a while and slept like a log.

It was a beautiful morning, Pas. Michael woke up before his wife. He checked the table clock and realised that, it was 5:30am. He looked at his wife, smiled and woke her. She opened her eyes and closed it back. He smiled and said, “Mine, wake up, wake up!” “Love, let me sleep a little longer. Are you not the one that didn’t let me sleep early,” she said playfully.

“Really, so it’s me? When you kept talking and talking, you didn’t know it was getting late? You better stand up and let’s pray before I get you up myself,” he said jokingly. “I’ll love that,” she said and smiled. “Oh! You’re imagining I will carry you! Oh no! I am thinking of using the camp method. Do you know the camp method?” He asked and went for the duvet. As he tried to remove the duvet from her body, she pulled it back, but he overpowered her and successfully took it off. “Honey! Honey!” She said as they played around in the room and then settled to pray.


They had a wonderful time in God’s presence and was set for work. He dropped her at her office and said goodbye. As she was stepping out of the car, she suddenly remembered something. “Oh! Love, I almost forgot,” she said. “Yes dear, what is that?” he asked. “Someone introduced a lady to me, but I told her I’ll get back to her because I haven’t gotten your consent,” she explained.

“A lady? For what?” He asked. “Love, the maid I spoke to you about,” she said. “Oh! Ok, no problem,” he replied. “When should I invite her over?” She asked. “When are you thinking of?” He asked. “There is Bible study today, what about tomorrow?” She asked. “I thought I told you that I’ll be meeting with the deacons tomorrow?” He said. “Yes, you said that yesterday,” she replied. “But that will not be an issue, I should be able to make it home early,” he said.

“Are you sure that will be convenient for you?” She asked. “Yes love,” he replied. “Ok then, I’ll inform her,” she replied. “You’re already getting late dear, you should start going,” she said. “Ok, bye, don’t stress yourself, I love you,” he said. “Much more,” she replied and they departed.

They returned from the church quite late after the bible study. She could barely drop her bags and went straight to the kitchen to make dinner. “Mine, at least change your cloth,” he said and picked the bag she dropped at the sitting room. “I will, let me quickly put something on the cooker,” she replied. “Ok,” he responded.

It was a really fun-filled night as they ate and played together but it ended drastically after the call Pas. Michael received.

As he dropped the phone, his wife noticed the change in his look. “Honey, what happened? Why do you have that expression?” She asked. “Mine, nothing, all is well,” he replied, trying hard to select words. “Ok, but what is it?” She insisted. “Mine, just relax, its just that, Mrs Daniel passed away a while ago,” he said calmly. “What! Oh my God! That is not possible. We saw her this morning,” she said, shocked and uneasy. “Mine! Mine! Please relax.”

Thank you for dropping by. It is always a privilege to have you around. Before you go, attempt this question.

While the couple were discussion, Mrs Michael called his attention to the fact that he has been making her feel inept for the role of a minister’s wife. The question is:

“How has Pas. Michael been making her feel inept for the role of a minister’s wife?”

I can’t wait to hear from you. See you next time!


2 thoughts on “THE PREACHER’S HOME

  1. To your question Ma’am.
    The wife said so, because Pas. Michael, left her out of his plans, didn’t give her any work. In short didn’t carry her along at all. Like she was not ‘useful’ as supposed who a Pastor wife should.



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