The Word

“It takes eleven days to travel from Mount Sinai to Kadesh Barnea by way of the hill country of Edom.” (Deut 1.2 GNT)

“You will suffer the consequences of your sin for forty years, one year for each of the forty days you spent exploring the land. You will know what it means to have me against you!” (Num14:34.GNT)


It takes just 11days to reach Canaan which was God’s plan for the Israelite.

The spies spent 40days to explore and return (Num 14:25) back, but it became a journey of 40years for Israelite, because only two amidst those that saw God’s plan believed it (Num 14:30). The others were seeing giants instead of God.

They all eventually died in the wilderness, except those that believed.


We can be the reason for not entering into God’s plan for us. We must stop seeing others as obstacles like they were seeing the giants, but we must learn to also look within. (Num 13:33)

Though there are obstacles sponsored by the devil and men, on our way to enter into God’s plan, but if we focus our attention on the capacity of God, we will soon see the giants falling. Caleb and Joshua did that. It wasn’t that they didn’t see the giants too, but they focused on the capacity of God to deliver them.

The more we focus on giants or obstacles, the more we delay ourselves from entering the land, if we will even enter at all. Our concern should not be the giants on our way, but our responsibility to trust God and obey His instructions.

If we fail to take your role in His plan for us, we will miss out of His plan. This will not make God a liar or render His word invalid, we’re the one who will bear the loss.

It is not about the number of prophecies we’ve received, or the lands we’ve seen before us, we must take responsibility for it. That’s how to make it a reality.

When we make your choices in life, it is important to remember that, there are people attached to our lives and around us that would be affected. Though Caleb and Joshua believed, but they also shared in the punishment of wandering for forty years as well as Moses and Aaron.

The easiest way to make God stand against us is to disbelieve Him, which is the worst shoe any man can be on earth. If the devil is against anyone, God can counter it, but if He is, no one can. Believe God!

Before you go, ask yourself this questions:

Am I not becoming an obstacle for myself?

Am I not just staring at giants instead of focusing on God?

Which decision did I make that affected me and people around me?

Have I not made God stand against me because of my unbelief?

Your response would have helped you to identify what to focus upon. Please take responsibility for your own destiny! Don’t be an obstacle to yourself. See you at Canaan!


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