‘Please stop! No I can’t, I said I cant’ she objected as he kept coming at her. ‘We’ve been in this relationship for more than two years, why shouldn’t I touch you, don’t you trust me, do you love me at all or you’re just acting all this while?’ he argued as he tried to lure her.no sex_edit

So many ladies have been in this shoe. Some gave in, some stood their ground, others do not even see any big deal in it. As we embrace westernization, we kept dropping some virtues and soon, it seems we have adjusted to the wrong things as if it is right.

It is true that sex gives the highest level of zing to the body but that doesn’t negate the fact that it is wrong and harmful to us when practised outside marriage. Except divorced, one will normally spend more years married than been a single which means, you have many years to have sex rightfully.

So many believes they can handle the dangers pre marital sex poses by having safe sex. I hope you’re aware that safe sex does not cater for the emotional havocs: the insecurity(am I the one he wants or my body? What if he leaves me?) the disgrace, the disrespect, the pains, the heartbreaks, the broken relationships/home, the guilt etc.

Pre marital sex sponsors so many things than you imagine. If he must have sex with you before marriage, do not expect him not to have extra marital affairs. If he cannot but have sex, if he marries you and you’re heavy with his child and you cannot give him sex, what do you think will happen?

There are rampart cases of broken relationships and broken homes now because love and sex has been mixed up and more pathetically interchanged. After the none stop rounds of satisfying a man sexually yet, he still leaves. This is because, no matter how exciting sex might be, it cannot keep a man.

Love and sex must not be mixed up, it’s not the same thing. It takes love to keep a man or woman and love calls for several demands, it is indeed a responsibility. Patience, understanding, long suffering, kindness, endurance etc. It does not include sex. Sex only remain and should only be kept in the context of marriage.

Either the world presents it as been an obsolete idea, pre-marital sex remains wrong. Even if it’s so widely practised, that has not changed God’s standard, it is still a sin. Even if you’re in love with him, that doesn’t make having sex with him right. Even if you’re getting married to him next week, that doesn’t serve as a permit to give him your body. You are not everybody. Everyone can be doing it, that’s what makes you different.

Nothing you get as a result of offering your body is secured, it is as temporal as the temporal excitement sex gives. Sex is not food, pre-marital sex does not add to anyone, not your status, not your achievement, not your name, not the respect you command, not even your success story. Staying away from pre-marital sex will not kill you.

Any man that leaves you because you decided to stop giving him access to your body was never going to be yours! Do not give in to any pressure, if he loves you, he will wait!

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