The last time, I shared my experience about a major challenge at a specific phase of my life, and how it became a testimony.

This time around, I am delighted and privileged to have my own flesh and blood, an anointed and dynamic minister of God who operates powerfully in the teaching and prophetic ministry; Revd. Steve O.A. Awoleye. He will freely share an experience with us and how he emerged as a victor.

Revd. Steve O.A Awoleye on Free to Share:

Thank you my sister, I am ecstatic to be on free to share. Let me start from the days the man was still a boy.

I started my education on a rather pathetic note. I said pathetic because I attended the same primary and secondary school that my mum and dad attended, which had no English teacher.

Ridiculously, I had to go back to primary one when I was already at primary five because I couldn’t read the Yoruba alphabets. As a result of this, I remembered that I was denied four meals.

Though I was cool headed at home, but I was the opposite at school. Though I was committed to church activities, but I wasn’t born again. It took grace for me to scale to the Senior Secondary School. Still, there was no English teacher in my school. The only one I ever knew, doesn’t even know what he was teaching and worst of it all, he was a palm wine drunkard. He drinks to stupor before coming to school every day. This influenced me and other students who later became palm wine drinkers.

By the time I wrote my Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), I passed only Yoruba (P8) and failed other courses (F9).

I sat again for the examination the second time and had three credits in Christian Religious Studies, Yoruba and Biology and failed the rest.

Because I failed after paying the principal to sit as a special student, I led a riot against the principal and went to attack him at the school. After the attack, he came home to report my behaviour to my father, who decided that I would go and learn bricklaying, because he wasn’t ready to waste his money on me again.

As God would have it, a very brilliant Corp Member that was posted to the school after I left, knew what happened and visited our home. He successfully convinced my dad contrary to his previous decision. He was God sent. My dad listened to him and he in turn asked for his permission to take me to his sister’s place at Ife.

In December 1999, something remarkable happened that brought me in contact with destiny. The Corp member invited me for his convocation at Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU), Ife. At the school, I saw what made me change my direction in life. He took me to the law faculty where I met several young people, far younger than I was, who were undergraduates. It became more embarrassing when the children of his sister that called me ‘uncle’ had passed their SSCE while I was still struggling for mine. It became a heartache for me.

When I returned home, there was a revival programme that was held at my town. There, I genuinely gave my life to Christ after my previous conversion in 1992 that lacked genuineness.

My life took a notable drift. I stayed with the husband of the corp member’s sister who was a principal. In the year 2000, I wrote the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) again, as well as the National Examination Council (NECO) which he paid for. With God’s help, I cleared all my papers, both the WAEC and NECO.

With the excitement of the victory and success, I decided to visit my family, where I was born at Amokoko, Lagos. Unfortunately, I ran into a deadly scenario.

Unknown to me, I ran into the brutal clash between Hausa and Yoruba in 2000. For the first time in my life, I was walking amidst fresh corpses. I became addled. As the living raised their hands above their heads, I joined them and carefully moved close to one of them who told me it was Hausa and Yoruba crisis.

Fear overwhelmed me. As I tried running towards a jungle, some men stopped me and asked which tribe I belonged to. I was not sure of their tribe, so I didn’t know who they are for, or against. Giving the wrong answer will mean death. What do I do? I had already started preparing my mind for death. I prayed quietly underneath and decided not to lie, though speaking the truth might mean death.

I told them I was a Yoruba man. They went further to ask me to speak Yoruba and I answered them in Yoruba. Alas! They were Yoruba men. I would have been added to the number of the dead men on the floor if they were not. They also showed me the safe path to thread to get home safe. What if I had lied? I would not be alive to share this with you. That day, I realized that, a lie is a lie even at the face of death and it is as costly as death itself.

That year, I got admitted into the Federal Polytechnic Ede to study Business administration and management. I later secured another admission to Bowen University to study Mass communication as part of the pioneering students but, eventually went to the seminary after I received and confirmed God’s call upon my life. This marked the beginning of my journey in destiny.

Let me end by saying this: not until I saw life differently, I wasn’t able to make any difference in life; not until I met Jesus, there was no difference in my life. Stay blessed! Thank you for allowing me to share on FREE TO SHARE.



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