CHAPTER FOUR

As he left hastily, his secretary attempted to find out what was wrong, but he wasn’t even listening. She stood, conjecturing what could have happened and said, “whatever it is, I just pray that, all is well.”

SAFE HANDSHe drove apace to Safe Hands Hospital. As he entered the hospital, he heard a familiar voice calling his name. The lady rushed into his hands in tears. “Sister Florence, please be calm. What is going on now? Have you seen the doctor?” He asked curiously. But, instead of getting any response, all he got was tears which made him more edgy. He embraced her and she cried on his shoulder for a while.

“It is well. Please breathe easy. God is in control,” he said, soothingly. She finally said something, “no one has told me anything yet, I’ve been waiting here since she was rushed in.” “Just hold on here, I will be back,” said Ps. Michael as he left her side and went to the hospital receptionist.

“Good day,” he greeted. “Good day sir,” she responded. “Please, Dr Felix called to inform me that one of my members, Mrs Daniel, was rushed here a while ago,” he explained. “Are you Ps. Michael?” She asked. “Yes,” he replied. “Ok, she was involved in an accident and was rushed in, in a critical condition. But, just be at ease sir, she is in safe hands. The doctor is attending to her,” she said. “Alright, thank you,” replied Ps. Michael as he went back to join the lady.

They both sat down quietly, but definitely not at ease. She couldn’t sit for long as she paced about uneasily. He stood up to calm her down, “you can’t keep doing this, she will be alright. Please sit down. She will be fine,” he said and persuaded her to sit down. “Are you going to call Barr. Daniel sir? Do you know he left the country today and she was returning back from the airport when the accident occurred?” She asked. “Yes, he told me he will be leaving today. Just relax. I will reach him, but he cannot be reached now. His flight must have already taken off,” he said. “Yes sir, that was why the doctor called you,” she said. “It’s ok, I just need you to relax, everything will be fine,” he replied.

Some minutes later, the doctor came out. They both hastened to meet him “Relax, she is fine now,” said the doctor. “Please can we see her?” asked Sis Florence. “Yes you can, but do not disturb her, she needs to rest and Ps. Michael, see me before you leave,” he said. “Alright sir,” Ps. Michael responded and the doctor left.

Her wounds had been been carefully dressed and she was on the kip. Ps. Michael later left Sis. Florence with her, and went to see the doctor. He later joined her back some minutes later and she was curious to know her health condition. “What did the doctor say sir?” She asked. “Put your mind at rest, the doctor said she is fine.”

Ps. Michael did not really let slip what the doctor related to him to her. “Why don’t you go home. Go and get something to eat, and prepare something that she would also eat when she wakes up, and come with some things that she would be needing,” said Ps. Michael. “Ok sir. What about you sir,” she asked. “I’ll wait for you to come, then I’ll leave when you return,” he replied. “Ok sir,” she said and left.

Minutes were fast becoming hours but she had not returned yet and Mrs Daniel had not moved a bit either. Ps. Michael checked his wrist-watch, only to realize that it was past the closing time of his wife and he had missed her calls. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed. He called her line but no one was answering. He tried it repeatedly, but there was no response. “Why is this lady not back?” he said, soliloquizing.” He eventually called Dn. Badmos and informed him and when he came around, he left.

He drove down to his wife’s office. He got to the gate and exchanged pleasantries with the gate man. “Your wife left some minutes ago. I saw her trying to call you,” explained the gate man. “My phone was on silence, I didn’t know when she called. Did she get a taxi or what?” He asked. “No, one of the staffs helped her sir,” he responded. “Alright, thank you,” replied Ps. Michael as he left.

As he drove back home, he thought aloud. “Oh God! My wife must be so mad at me right now.” He suddenly gave an expression as if he recollected something, “And I even forgot that I was going to see Revd. Oyebade today,” he said as he hits the steering wheel.

As she heard the sound of his car, she instantaneously went to unlock the door and went back to the kitchen. He expected the door to be locked so he knocked and kept knocking, but there was no response.

Mrs Michael heard, but did not answer. “Why is he knocking?” She said to herself. Right about then, he tried to open it, only to realize that the door was not locked. He entered, when he saw her at the kitchen, he went to meet her.

“Mine, good afternoon,” he greeted. “Yeah,” she answered. He moved closer and wanted to touch her but she just left the kitchen for him and he followed her. “Just listen to me, please. Mine, I was…” he explained as she cuts in, “can you just spare yourself of this and just go into the room, loosen your tie or something,” she retorted. “Mine, please, listen to me,” he begged. “Look, it’s the same old story, right? You know there is always a reason for you not to do a thing when it comes to me, so, just forget it.” As much as he tried to explain, she kept cutting in until she realized that the food was getting burnt.

She quickly rushed back to the kitchen. He joined her and she puts the blame on him. “Now you’ve burned my food! Please can I just cook peacefully?” She said. He was uncertain of what to do, but later said, “Barr. Daniel’s wife was involved in an accident…” he explained as she cuts in, “and that’s all you care about, it doesn’t matter if your wife….” She stopped briefly, as if she just reflected on what he said and asked, “really? When? What happened?” Her husband traveled to UK. today. She had an accident on her way back from the airport after she had dropped him,” he explained. “Oh my God! How is she now?” She asked. “She is getting better. She was out like a light when I left. I had to release her maid to go get some things at home. I was awaiting her return when I realized it was already late and you’ll be waiting for me. I never knew when my phone rang. It was on silence,” he explained.

“Oh! Ok,” she said. “Have you forgiven me?” he asked. “It’s ok, but I’ve told you not to keep your phone on silence ofttimes, but you wouldn’t listen,” she responded. “Mine, I am really sorry,” he said. “It’s ok, ” she replied.

“Why don’t you just freshen up and change. You’re looking like someone in dire straits. I’ll serve your lunch. You should eat, then we can go and see how she is fairing,” she said. “I do not really have appetite for anything now. I’ll take it later,” he responded. “Honey, it’s better you try to eat something. She will be fine, do not bother yourself, please,” she said. “Ok,” he responded as he went into the room but looked back and said, “Mine!” “Yes Love,” she responded. “Did you just say you will be serving my food? Have you eaten?” He asked. “No, ok, I’ll serve mine too,” she replied as she entered the kitchen and he went to freshen up.

He was about entering the bathroom when his wife’s phone rang and she called her, “Mine! Your phone,” but she didn’t hear him, so he just picked it.

As he picked the call, the unknown caller said, “Hello babe!” Ps. Michael was startled and gave no response. “Sweet, are you there? Can you hear me?” Said the unknown caller, when Ps. Michael heard his wife calling him as she approached the room.

I am so sorry for interrupting you again. It’s just that, it’s getting late and I need to rest my head now. But you know I won’t keep you waiting. I’ve been inspired by the comments and lessons you’ve shared. Don’t forget to do that before you go. I’ll see you next week. Thanks for dropping by.

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