In a notable town, a very famous man who was called so many names because of his wondrous acts was passing by. The moment people saw him, they started following him.

There was this young lad who also saw him. He quickly ran home and told his mother. He took his share from the bread and fishes his mother had prepared and ran to catch up with this famous man. By that time, so many people had gathered around him.

The man started teaching them many things, and performed several miracles and they were marveled and didn’t want to leave him.

He was a very good man and noticed that people were getting famished. When he related his thought of feeding the people to his disciples, they told him how impossible it was, but saw the lad with his five fishes and two loaves of bread.


He was glad to share it and they brought him to this man. Since he was a miracle worker, he simply lifted it to heaven and gave thanks. The few loaves and fishes was all that he used to feed about five thousand people. That man as you must have guessed was Jesus. (Jhn 6)

The Five fishes and two loaves was enough to feed only the boy, but it became more than enough because he released it.

Giving will give you more than enough. The little in your hands is enough to feed nations, but it won’t, if you keep holding it back.

You will keep living strictly on your income if you don’t give from their income.

You will keep living a life of ‘just sufficient for me and my family’, if you are not giving.

Giving is not giving if it is not done cheerfully and from your heart.

It is only when you release what is in your hands cheerfully, that you would have plenty. It’s a simple law of nature.

It is not just giving out of so much; it is not just giving when it is comfortable; it is also giving when it is hard and demands a high level of sacrifice. This will provoke the eruption of the blessings of God upon your life.

A man named Abraham in the scriptures gave his son, Isaac. Though God later made provision for a substitute, but it was a mind blowing sacrifice. This moved God and He wasn’t just blessed, he became a blessing and the father of many nations. (Gen 22)

When you give all, you move God; when you move God, things will move dynamically in your life.

No matter who you are, you have something that you can give. Give generously; give to your maker; give people above you; give people around you; give people below you. Give wisely!

Don’t just give, but make giving a life style and you will not know lack.

Start giving; keep giving; never stop giving!



4 thoughts on “GOODBYE TO LACK

  1. Givers never lack. When we give it is a seed that is being sown and for every sowing there is always time for reaping. A liberal soul shall be made fat.

    As regards giving to people that are above us, am of the opinion that giving should not be done to impress the receiver or to gain something in return.

    Never give to expect something in return because eventually when our expectation is not met we become sorrowful, this giving is not accepted by God.

    I think we should check our motive before giving and also be sincere .

    What do you think about borrowing to give ? Am not in support of it .

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    • Thank you so much dear. That is absolutely true.
      About borrowing to give:
      Borrowing on its own is not a good thing. It’s best we try as much as we can to stay away from it, not to talk of borrowing to give.
      There is nothing that we have, that we did not receive. It is from that which we have that we are to give from, not what we do not have.
      There are times people demand from us what we do not have, it is sincerity to simply tell them that we do not and give them what we have. There are times we will need to connect them to someone who has what they are demanding for, or talk to someone who has what they are demanding for, in order to meet their needs. It is better we are sincere to ourselves.
      But, this is not to encourage some people who would normally give the impression that they do not have much themselves. Give what you have.
      The widow of Zarephath in the scriptures felt she had nothing, but it was the little she had, that was required of her to feed Elijah with.


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