CHAPTER THREE

The tranquillity of the early hours of the day was precipitously ended by the hollering, accompanying the busy street. Ps. Michael was praying when his wife was in the kitchen, cooking and putting the house in an apple-pie order, simultaneously. As he finished praying, he was drawn by the aroma coming from the kitchen, but he entered the bathroom to take his bath.

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By the time he finished bathing, the breakfast was already set on the dining table. “Well done,” he said. “Thank you,” she answered as she served him and hastened to bath.

Ps. Michael had finished eating and was already set while his wife was still dressing up. “We are getting late. Are you not going to take your breakfast?” He asked. I’ll go with it to the office,” she replied. “Ok,” he replied and went to wait for her in the siting room.

Soon, she was dressed and he dropped her at her working place. “Thank you, bye,” she said as she was stepping out of the car. “And you can start looking for the maid you talked about. Let me know the financial implication,” he said. She seemed a bit surprised. “Oh! Ok.”

One of her colleagues drove in. As he saw Ps. Michael, he came near to greet him. “Good morning sir,” he said, as he also stepped out of his car and they exchanged pleasantries. “You’re really taking care of my sister. She is looking absolutely radiant and I love this gown,” he said. “Thank you,” she said as she gave her husband a questionable look. “Alright, let me start leaving. Thank you. Have a great day sir,” said Ps. Michael as he headed to the car. “Ok sir,” he replied and left them. “Alright, take care,” she said.

As she was about leaving, he said, “and you’re looking cute.” “Oh! Did someone suddenly remind you?” She asked. “Come on,” he said as she cuts in. “You should start going, take care,” she responded. “Alright,” he replied and left.

He was on his way to the office, but he ran into traffic congestion. “Are you kidding me,” he said to himself. Right in the traffic, he was deep in thought. “Why has my wife suddenly changed, or am I the one that changed? God, what happened to that sweet damsel in my life?”

He suddenly stopped as if he heard something and wanted to be sure. It was God speaking to his heart. “Did you just ask me what happened?” He heard in his spirit. “Yes, do you know how we sleep almost every night now? I just don’t understand her again,” he replied. “The question should be: why have you started behaving like a bastard?”

It was as if he couldn’t keep the conversation within again, he was appalled. “Bastard? How? I’ve been committed to the ministry you gave me,” he explained. “Indeed, you have. It seems you are forgetting something. Go and study Jude 1:1 and Romans 1:1,” said the Spirit of God as Ps. Michael repeated the scriptures to himself.

It was as if the traffic was fixed for him, the moment he heard that in his spirit, the man in the car behind him horned to signal to him to move. He suddenly looked up, only to realize that the cars were already moving.

He seemed to be in a haste to check the scriptures. As he packed his car and entered his office, he was pressing his phone simultaneously to check out the scriptures. His secretary greeted him and he could barely answer properly. She tried to remind him of his appointment that morning, but he seems not to be giving her attention. She realized that and just went back to her desk. “Why is Pastor so tense this morning, I just hope all is well,” she said to herself.

He could barely drop his bag properly as he sat and started checking several versions of the scriptures. He suddenly realised something as the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart.

“Did you notice a specific order of priority in the two scriptures? When you were told about Paul, it was first his relationship with God, after which comes his call/ ministry. But there was something omitted in that order that was inserted in Jude. Right after his relationship with God, come his family. Do you notice that the Bible spoke about whose brother he was? That represents his family; either immediate or extended. Who is your immediate family now?” “My wife,” he answered, as he conversed with the Holy Spirit. “If Paul had been married, his family will have been placed before his call but he didn’t. Do you know why he didn’t get married?”

He was quiet for a while, but later answered. “He was in love with you, he just wanted to serve you and dedicate all his life to you,” he replied. “You’re right, but do you know one other reason? Because he doesn’t want to wake up to realize that he had become what you are becoming,” said the Holy Spirit.

“What does that mean?” Ps. Michael asked. “It means, if you knew you couldn’t add the responsibility of a husband and father to the list, you should have just limited it to the list of Paul, instead of changing the order.” He seemed quite sober now and asked. “So, what do I do?” “Go and ask your Spiritual father. You have suddenly disconnected from him because you now have your own flock.”

“No, I didn’t,” he replied. “So, I am the liar,” asked the Spirit of God. “I never meant that, it’s just that, sometimes, so many things I didn’t plan, enter my schedule and it’s still part of my duties as a shepherd that you called me to be,” he explained. “That is because the tricks of the devil you and your wife would have dislodged in unity and in your closet, you do not. That’s why you have been running about over your member’s life. They are my sheep, you’re only but a caretaker,” He said.

“So, what do I ask him?” He asked. “Ask him how he has successfully combined his responsibility as a husband and father with his ministry. You must understand that, it is not enough to know the instruction of the divinity. These instructions come from an immortal source, in the context of immortality.

Every child of God that wants to end well must understand that my instructions must be brought to the practicality of mortal reality. And you need not just the knowledge you’ve acquired but the experience and counsels of elders.

Do you remember where the scriptures was talking about the visit of Jethro to Moses. Have you asked yourself: doesn’t Moses commune with God every day? Didn’t He see that Moses will soon wear out with the way he was handling His work? Why didn’t He tell Moses what Jethro told him? That is because God will not teach you what you need to go to elders to learn.

The instruction came from the context of immortality. It is a mortal man that has experienced the practicality of that instruction that can best bring him to that understanding. Go and speak to your Jethro, he will tell you what he has been doing to keep a home with his call.

Just about then, his secretary knocked and came in, but met him deep in thought. “Sir! Sir!” She beckoned, but there was no response. She came a bit closer and called again. This time around, he looked up. “Are you ok sir?” She asked, concerned. “Yes, thank you,” he replied. “Your appointment sir….” She said, when he cuts in. “Cancel my appointment and find a way to fix it for some other time. I have to see someone today,” he said as he picked his phone and bag. “I hope all is well sir?” she asked. “Yes,” he replied and headed to the door.

As he stepped out of his office, his phone rang. “Hello! Yes, I am the one, who am I speaking with? Oh! Doctor, how are you? This is not the line I know. Ok. How are you doing? Ok. I didn’t get you. When? Oh my God!” He exclaimed, as he left hastily.

Sorry for interrupting you. I have to drop my pen here. We’ll see next week. But, before you go, it is important that we do not dispose the didactic values we have deduced from this chapter. Let me hear from you. What have you learnt? Let’s see things from your perspective. What have you seen? It’s always a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for reading.

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  1. To everything that is happening to me that is not going the way it should, the right thing for me to do is to commune with Holy Spirit and not use my head to profer solution to it. Had it been PS. Michael have consulted the Holy Spirit, he would have save himself of the headache from his wife.

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