Like Phinehas’ deeds at the gate

Let wide the eyes till late

But dare such not on this date

Such days men intensely hate

For the mirror reveal men’s state

But none can stop the existence of this date


Men were made to stand in the hall

Saints called to face them all

Popes to stand close to the wall

But none answered roll call

Host rose in fury in the hall

And ordered them to come before all


Everyone was filled with terror

Ah! Prophets! Tongue speakers! What an error

Juliet dares not a glimpse at Romeo’s mirror

For the filth that is revealed in the mirror

And men were judged as revealed by the mirror

For so many ended in everlasting terror


See this not as verisimilitude

But the day of judgement be its similitude

And this to ruminate in your solitude

That heaven in view will be our attitude

And not to sin a servitude

That our lives we will live in gratitude



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