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The Word

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own”  Cor 6:19-20 NIV

My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you” Gal 4:19 NIV


You might have heard and read these scriptures so many times, but I want us to look into the truth that Paul unraveled in the first scripture.

Man is a tripartite being: body, soul and spirit. The day a man receives Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to live in him and dwells in a specific part of him which is his spirit. Although our body is His temple, but where He lives in the temple is our spirit. This implies that, our spirit is His control room.

What does He do and how does He operate?

Ps. Benny Hinn said in one of His messages, “Jesus was born in my spirit, after that, he was formed in my soul and when he is formed in my soul, he begins to operate in my body.”

Think about this deeply. What He does is simple but gradual. From the control room, He gradually tries to transform our soul. He works on our mind, will and emotion, to take the form of Christ. But, he needs these parts to be released to Him, to be able to do His work. The body is then meant to reflect the formation that has taken place or is taking place in the soul.

If I do not release my will, when those without Christ fall into errors, I will also not be left out. This is because, I do my will. He has not taken over my daily decisions and steps. But, I would have enjoyed His presence in my life better, if only I release my will to him.

The same thing applies to every other constituent of my soul. The simple reason we do not reflect God, is refusal to release our soul to be transformed by the Holy Spirit in our spirit. If we do, our body will reflect it.


When I got this understanding, I started asking myself some questions. Which part of my soul am I refusing to release to the Holy Spirit to form? Which part of me is presently being formed?

Formation is not a rosy process. Formation is not an overnight process. And God never instructed us to start forming ourselves. He is the one who does the forming, but it is our responsibility to release ourselves by obeying every minute instruction while He forms us.

The work of salvation will become a burden, when we expect an overnight transformation. Who says you’ll be transformed in a day? Ask him if he did. Growth is gradual, because it’s a process.

Do not frustrate yourself because you are seeing a part of you that you do not like or you’ve tried to let go of, that seems not to be going. Because you struggled with it last year and you’ve not outgrown it this year, does not mean you should be hard on yourself and hate yourself. That is the reason He came into your spirit in the first place. It will take time. As we take a step at a time, we will be daily transformed and our body will reflect this transformation.




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