CHAPTER TWO

He rushed into the room, but did not see her there. He turned, only to realize that she was on the floor, in the bathroom and in pains. He hastened towards her, “what happened?” He asked, startled, as he tried to help her up. “I wanted to freshen up a little but I lost footing,” she explained in discomfort. “Sorry, sorry, careful, but how could that happened? Were you feeling dizzy?” He asked. “No, I don’t even know how it happened” “That’s strange, the bathroom is not slick. How come my baby lost footing? Sorry,’ he said, really concerned.

He helped her to lie on the bed and checked to see if she had any bruise, but she had none. “Sorry, let me get you balm to soothe the pain” he said, as he got it and helped her to rub the leg. “Ouch! It’s really painful,” she said “Sorry dear, sorry,” he responded.

He sat beside her on the bed, as she relaxed for a while, but she later insisted on taking a shower. “Mine, why don’t you just forget about taking shower,” he implored her. “Are you panic-stricken? Relax, I won’t fall again,” she said, sounding better as she tried to leave the bed. “I never said I am panic-stricken, I just thought it is better you just relax and it is not as if you haven’t taken your bath today,” he said. “Honey, I am feeling hot, don’t worry, I won’t fall this time around,” she said, left his side and went into the bathroom.

There was a little smile hanging on Ps. Michael’s cheek as she left his side. It seems like he suddenly remembered something and he moved towards the bathroom. “Mine! Mine!” He called. “Yeah!” “And how is your stomach now?” He asked, but there was no response. “Did you hear me?” He asked. “Yes, I did. I was just stupefied that you remembered to ask,” she responded from the bathroom. “I am sorry,” he said. “Ok,” she replied. But you have not answered me yet. “Can I answer you when I come out of here,” she said and he smiled. “Ok, dear.”

She looked quite refreshed when she came out of the bathroom and he stared at her with a rather questionable expression. “Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked. “Can’t I stare at my wife? Well, I was just wondering if you did more than bathing, because you’re looking…” he said, but stopped and smiled. “You’re looking what?” “Never mind,” he said and smiled “You had better talk,” she said as she tried to dress up. “Alluring,” he said. “Coming from my husband, thank you and I am ok. I went to get a pain reliever at the pharmacist shop when I left the church earlier because the pain intensified,” she explained. “Oh! So sorry. I guess it’s time i turn this pain into someone as beautiful as my wife,” he said with a smile. “Oh! It’s just that I doubt if you’re ready to become a father now,” she said. The smile on his face seems to have disappeared now. “And what is that supposed to mean?” He asked. “It means, if the demand of a husband is too much for you, then the demand of a father will be a burden.”

There was silence in the room, the atmosphere suddenly changed and the expression on Ps. Michael’s face was that of displeasure after the statement she made. He suddenly ended the silence and said, “Then you can tell me when I start meeting the demand of a husband and when I can become a father,” and he left the room with the expression of annoyance.

“You want to become a father, in your dreams. You think I will get pregnant for you now, when you don’t even have time for me.” She said to herself after he had left the room. As soon as she finished dressing up, she went into the kitchen.

He later went into the room to dress up and picked his phone, then went to the kitchen. “I fixed an appointment with Dn. Badmos, I’ll see you in the night,” he said. She didn’t give any response, but it didn’t seem as if he was expecting any response either when he left. “That’s exactly what I was talking about” she said to herself.

Dinner was already set when he came back. “Welcome,” she said, as she opened the door for him. “Thank you.” It seems she had realized that she had irked him with the statement she made earlier and tried to get his attention. She tried helping him unknot his tie but he was quite dazed but he allowed her to. “I didn’t mean it as you took it,” she said. “I am lost, what are you talking about?” He said, pretending as if he didn’t know what she was driving at. “Ok, I am sorry, I thought you said we should wait for a while before starting a family,” she said. “Yes, that’s why I said, anytime you think…,” he said when she interrupted. “Honey, I said I am sorry, I didn’t mean it that way,” she said, looking rather remorseful. “Of course, look, just forget it,” he said.


He didn’t seem to have accepted the apology, but he loves her, so he couldn’t ignore her. They finally had a peaceful dinner and she tried to put some things in place for the following day.

They were already in bed to call it a day. Her husband saw an update on his BBM that was quite funny and showed her and they laughed. It was time to sleep and she was about turning the light off when she remembered something. “Honey, there is something I actually want to discuss with you,” she said. “Ok, what’s that?” He asked. “I need a maid,” she said. “Maid?” He asked. “Yes” “Why?” He asked. “I need someone to help me with the house chores” “I mean, the demand is not that much. I thought, even if we will be thinking of someone to help, that will be when you are pregnant or there are kids running around already,” he responded. “You know the demand of my job. Except on weekends, It is really stressful,” she explained. “I can help you with that, but I don’t think we need a maid now.” The look on her face suddenly changed, “I cannot nail down the last time you ever helped me with any house chores in this house, except….” She said, but stopped talking. “Except what?” He asked. “Except for the few months before you became a pastor,” she said.

“There we go again. You keep bringing everything back to that.” “You have no idea,” she interrupted. “You have no idea what?” he asked. “You have no idea what it means to suddenly become a pastor’s wife,” she said, laying emphasis on ‘pastor’s wife’. “My charming husband was nowhere to be found again. He abruptly became an actor and I was given a role I knew nothing about.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. “I am not getting you. You knew all along that….” He said, when she interrupted. “That I have to smile at everyone even when my husband didn’t give me any reason to smile before we left the house. That I can’t wear what I love to where.” She said and started mimicking him. “Mine, you need to change into something longer. That skirt is too short. Your make up is too heavy. Babe, you will have to pick a taxi, I have to rush to see a member. Do this, don’t do that. Was that part of the things you told me I will have to start doing when you are ordained? Was it?” He was stuck for words as she kept bewailing.

Be on the lookout for the next episode of ‘THE PREACHER’S HOME’. Just like we did last week, do not forget to drop at least a lesson you learnt from this episode. Thank you for reading. I am longing to hear from you!



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