preacher's home

                                                            CHAPTER ONE

It is true that, he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Sometimes, I wonder if those that preach this really think so. Ps. Michael, a tall and cute young man got married about a year ago. Some months later, he was ordained a pastor of Amazing Truth Church when their marriage took a drastic turn.

It was a chilly morning. With the look on Ps. Michael’s face; it seems he wished he could slow down the breaking of the day, as the alarm rang. His pulchritudinous wife turned beside him as she heard the alarm, but was reluctant to leave the bed. She turned around and covered herself again with the duvet when her husband left her side.

He sat on the chair in the room and skimmed through the bible before him and prayed for a while. He turned around only to discover that his wife was still in bed.

“The last time I checked, it’s a Sunday morning and the service starts by 7:30am. Don’t even think that I am leaving this house without you,” he said. It was as if he was not talking to someone in the room. It was only after a while, when he had entered the bathroom, that she removed the duvet she had covered herself with. She was looking pale and struggled to get out of bed, but it seems she was in pain.

He was dazed to find her still in bed when he finished bathing. “A wife should be in the kitchen by now, but you’re not, neither are you dressing up,” he said, as he removed his suit from the hanger in anger. “A husband should know when the woman he woke up beside is not feeling fine, don’t you think?” She responded. “And what is wrong with you?” He asked in a rather unconcerned tone. “I am feeling this sharp pain in my stomach” she responded. “I am sure you’ll be fine as soon as you get up, please I am getting late,” he said. “Of course, it’s about showing up on time, I suddenly forgot that you’re the pastor. It doesn’t matter how your wife feels.” She managed to leave the bed to get ready for the service.

He was set and walked around the sitting room impatiently. He checked his wristwatch and realized it was 7:10am already. It seems he had decided to leave without her and he picked the car key when his wife came out.

He looked at her with an expression of disapproval. “You had better change into something longer” he said. “Why? But I wear this when we were engaged and you never complained and besides, what is wrong about this?” She frowned. “First, I wasn’t a minister then…” but she interrupted, “and I still wished you never became one,” she said and entered the room and came out in a long sleeve shirt.

The congregation was looking radiant. Ps. Michael smiled back, as he walked pass the members and greeted them, but one could easily track the pains Mrs Michael struggled to cover with her smiles.

She became uncomfortable as the pains became excruciating. But, being a minister’s wife, her sit was right at the front roll with her husband. It didn’t seem to me as if he didn’t notice, but he ignored her as she tried to endure the pains to avoid causing distraction. Soon, he went up to give the exhortation. The woman sitting next to her, one of the elder’s wife, Mrs Johnson, noticed her and asked, “Are you ok?” “I am ma, thank you” she responded.

She seems to be more uncomfortable, but she tried to cover it with a smile. “Can this man finish up his tale and end this service already,” she said. Mrs Johnson, the elder’s wife, drew close to her, as she thought she was referring to her. She noticed and quickly smiled back and nodded, “just thinking aloud” she told her. “Are you kidding me? It looks like this sermon is not ending any time soon. I had better decide now, before someone thinks I got filled with the Holy Spirit by the time this pain gets me rolling on the floor,” she thought. She took her wallet from her bag and whispered to Mrs Johnson and soon left the church.

By the time the service ended, her husband who didn’t see her by the time he ended the exhortation, greeted some of the congregation and headed to the car and left.

His wife was just coming back from a pharmaceutical shop when she saw his car leaving. She tried waving him down, but he had gone far. As she tried to get a taxi, one of the members saw her, “Oh, the pastor seems to be in haste” he said. “Yes, he is trying to catch up with a meeting” “I see, let me drop you then.” She was about entering the car when she realized that, she was not with her bag. She quickly rushed back into the church and picked it.

As the car stopped at the front of their house, her husband looked through the window. “Thank you” she said as he left. It seems as if she was looking better when she entered the house. “And who was that, that dropped you?” He asked, looking quite curious. “I think the question should be: what kind of man leaves his wife behind in church and ignore her bag lying beside his notepad?” “Am I supposed to be looking for you like a three years old child? And what kind of minister’s wife leaves the church while her husband is preaching?” He asked. “Can you just listen to yourself; are you claiming you didn’t know I was feeling very uncomfortable in church? Didn’t I tell you before we left this house? Yet, you ignored me and kept staring at the bible that didn’t teach you how to love your wife. Please I need to rest” “So, you now have a new doctor, and that must be the doctor that dropped you I guess, right?” “I thought you’re more of a preacher than a husband, I do not know, you’re none of the two. At least a pastor should know his congregation, or your less than one hundred congregations are too much to know?” she said and left him.

He stood up and sat again angrily. He eventually sat down soliloquizing. He suddenly heard a holler coming from the bathroom. “Jesus!” “Must she always shout Jesus at everything” he said, seeming unmoved, but the scream intensified and he rushed in.

Be on the lookout for the next episode of ‘THE PREACHER’S HOME’! Before you go, please drop at least a lesson you deduced from this chapter. I can’t wait to hear from you!


31 thoughts on “THE PREACHER’S HOME

  1. Nice piece. Let our new achievement and commitment not prevent us from being
    the lovely person we are. Irrespective of the position we have attain let not to be too busy for our love one’s.
    More grace to the writer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. women are complicated brat, the sign of illness didn’t start that morning probably at mid night which she would have deem fit to inform her hubby, n he would know how to go about his day period. however Mr pastor was also wrong, he should remember that if he dies that day sermon will be said n God advice men to take care of there home first n if u ain’t capable u ain’t fit to be the leader of a church.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aarrgghh, Appointed Pen!
    I was flowing already, then I realized that’s what I do too, “giving pple that suspense”
    Well done!

    Be understanding!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We should probably have the 11th commandment, “Don’t put people in suspense”. It was a nice read, now I have a new addition to my reading list. *thumb’s up*

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We should probably have the 11th commandment. “Thou shall not put people in suspense”. It’s really nice, I now have a new addition to my reading list. *thumbs up*

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  6. I see a man that relate more to the wife like her Pastor even when he should relate to her like her Husband…Nice piece ma, may the ink of this great pen never go dry by His grace.

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  7. Well, it turns out that those little ignored things matter a lot. hmmm, that suspense, where you ended it, i can’t wait for the next episode.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Well, pastors who understand that, their role as a husband comes before their role as a pastor, make great husbands. I will marry a pastor, anytime, any day, if it is God’s will.


  8. Great story. Real life issues. The man sounded rather insensitive and highly religious for a pastor. Though i am not married yet, i know a listening ear and a caring smile helps alot in marriages. waiting for the next episode…………….

    Liked by 1 person

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