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I created this category for us to interact freely. I will be relating some of my past and current experiences in form of challenges, huddles, victories and testimonies of God’s amazing deeds.

Be free to share yours as this will help every one of us to learn. Some will be privileged not to enter into the same pit someone else did by reading what you freely share. Life is a teacher, the subject life taught you yesterday might be the one I will be facing tomorrow. Be free to share!

Now, let’s start with me:

I was very young, ambitious and naive. I finished my secondary education at a very tender age. I wanted to get admitted into a higher institution of learning, but it was as if securing an admission was an insurmountable mountain. Months became years and I kept trying every year to secure an admission to a course that has nothing to do with my destiny.

Blind, I would say I was. I wanted to study law and that costed me about three good years. I kept attempting to secure admission to study law when my colleagues were already in a higher institution of learning but to no avail.

The years were too long, the days seem unending, but something dynamic happened along the line. I ran into destiny and it was remarkable. I started expressing the pains in ink. Soon, I felt a soothing relief. I wanted to write more and I just couldn’t stop. My big brother encouraged me and I kept writing.

Something important also happened to me at almost the same time, this time around, someone important came into my life. Yes, Christ found me. Soon I drew near to him and kept trusting Him. As I prayed for my admission and prepared to write another exam, I was also writing. The days were no longer long like before and soon the admission came and it wasn’t law. It was the course I needed for my gift.

When I reflect on those days now, all I do is to thank God.

Now, it’s your turn, be free to share yours!

15 thoughts on “FREE TO SHARE

  1. Am searching places …running races hoping for d place whr fame reside …but I don’t why am stil not thr why?my well wil never run dry I keep singing while u keep dancing …..#Pinly

    wanna b a rapper with tattoos all over my body and have a dirty teeth like lil wayne but the last time I check the mirror I was puting on a blue shirt and a black trouser and that was a monday morning around 7:15am.

    whr is my dream.
    #just thinking out loud

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  2. God will never put us to any situation that he can’t take us through. His plans are always for our good n His glory. Even in the darkest moments there is light.. His faithfulness are ever sure

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  3. The force of purpose is stronger than our ambition, we run not because others are running…it is a response to a PUSH within. The earlier we are AWARE of this the better, the older the more the regret.

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  4. My dad said, sometimes why God don’t give us what we want is bcus we ain’t cut out for that, but we struggle on it cus it’s a “felt need”. He knows better than the best.

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  5. Wisdom is good wit inheritance, nd by it dere is profit to dem dat c d sun.
    For Wisdom is defence, and money is a defence bt d excellency of Knowledge is dat Wisdom gives Life to dem dat have it
    Consider d work of God for who can make dat straight.

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    • Wow! This is rich. This reminds me of a scripture,’Wisdom is the principal thing: therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.(Pr 4:7) All we need, and will ever need is in her. Most importantly: not just the wisdom of men, but the wisdom of God which supersedes all.


  6. Wisdom is good wit an inheritance, nd by it dere is profit to dem dat c d sun
    For Wisdom is a defence and money is a defence,bt d excellency of Knowledge is dat Wisdom gives life to dem dat ve it.

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  7. Had a similar experience too. What I have discovered is, we have all been divinely built and engineered for our our purpose. We either fit in or we break ourselves trying to fit elsewhere

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  8. Life pushes us around but when are Christians, the reverse is the case. Asking God all the time for help in situations go a long way to change the course of our lives. The Israelite were to journey 40 days but ended up using 40 years. Many people are like that today, because they have not asked the Creator to lead them, as only Him has the manual that contains our purpose. if anyone wants to experience real joy, the him/her discover his/her purpose in Christ.

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