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I was very young and ambitious. I had made my O’level results and wanted to study my dream course by all means. I kept giving the best I could, but no admission was forthcoming. Months rolled by and my hope was dashed! I counted months, but it started getting into me and sapping my happiness as years rolled by.

I was more comfortable with staying indoors to avoid a question I dreaded at that time, ‘Which school are you now?’ I became very unhappy. I was overwhelmed with disappointment and dashed expectations, until one beautiful dawn broke.

I was sitting on my bed when I was inspired to put my feelings into writing. Little did I know that it was a date with destiny. As my pen expressed my feelings, I felt relieved.

I went over it again and I had written my first poem, titled, ‘depression’. Unknown to me, something in me wanted to find expression. As I kept expressing my feelings and views about life with my pen, my focus shifted from the delayed admission, though I kept my hope alive.

Incredibly, I could understand many things and express them. I kept writing and didn’t want to stop. Though the pressure of getting admitted to a higher institution of learning was still there, but I kept doing two major things that helped me to stay happy. I drew closer to God, trusting Him and praying fervently and I kept writing.

Soon, my burdens were lifted. I started enjoying life and guess what, the admission came and it was just the right course for my gift.

As I recall those days, I could only thank God. I had learnt how to stay happy during turbulent times.

How many times have we had reasons in our lives to be unhappy? Sometimes we make some decisions and end up regretting them and we become so unhappy. Sometimes we lose things that are precious to us. More pathetically, people that are dear to our hearts and happiness become the last thing we feel.

When we are happy, we wish we could stay happy forever. We wish we could keep the feeling and never feel sad. We wish things go as we plan it all the time. We just want to stay happy.

Happiness is an emotion experienced in a state characterised with satisfaction, contentment and joy which is mostly expressed in laughter and smiles. It is primarily powered by our contact with the world: the people in our lives, especially the ones we place premise on; our environment; the things we see; the things we touch; the things we do; the things we hear and the things we feel.

There are two kinds of people on earth in relation to happiness:

Happy people who can be unhappy at times and unhappy people who can be happy at times.

Life always has two sides. Never expect to be happy all the time, but the happy people enjoy life better.

Although people and things around us are major determinants of our happiness, but happiness is a choice. It is about you.

One of the things that sponsor sadness is disappointments. Sometimes, you’re disappointed at yourself because of a height you couldn’t attain, because you seem inept, because you’ve made plans and it didn’t work out, because of whom you’ve become or you want to outgrow a character or habit and it seems so impossible. You will end up sponsoring your own unhappiness if you don’t learn to look away. You’ve not failed until you stop trying. You will get there though it might not be as fast as you want. Stop drowning yourself in the pool of regret, get up and keep moving!

There are things in life you have to accept that you’ve lost. Until you do, you’ll deprive yourself of a happy life. Sorry for the loss, but you have to move on. Sorry she didn’t say yes to your proposal, but you have to move on. Sorry your long-time relationship ended that way, but you have to move on. Sorry he jilted you and married someone else, but you have to move on. Sorry you lost your job, but you have to move on!

You might say it’s easy for me to say because I don’t know how it feels. Who told you I don’t? The truth is: you are depriving yourself a happy life because you’ve refused to move on!

Your happiness, your choice! Beware of the choices you make now, your happiness might be the price for them later in life. If you get yourself involved in dirty things because you want a name, you want money, you want to impress or you want to feel among. You will pay for it with your happiness!

When you know you hate disappointments which in turn make you unhappy, why commit yourself to people who keep disappointing you? Besides, why expect so much from mortal men, only God never fails. After all, can you boldly attest that you’ve never disappointed anyone before?

I strongly agree that it’s almost impossible not to expect from people that are dear to our hearts. Will you tell me you didn’t expect that he’ll be the first to call you on your birthday or valentine day and get you something special? Disappointingly, it turned out that he called late and treated your special day as if it meant nothing to him.

How will you be happy? I’ll tell you how. At first, you might not be, but you could just try to recollect the days he called you first and showered you with gifts. When people that are dear to you disappoint you, simply fix your gaze on the days they were sweet and loving. This will help you to see things clearer and give them an opportunity to become better. They might not do it deliberately and sometimes they might even regret doing so.

Simplicity is also one of the keys to unlock a happy life. Many times, we keep dragging and dragging things at the cost of our happiness. Simplify it. ‘Why didn’t you come? How will you talk to me like that? I won’t take that from you.’ We kept dragging and dragging matters. Funny enough, we do not always reach any reasonable conclusion. Learn to simplify things. Life is simple for those that make it simple. Absolve some things, ignore them. It doesn’t make you weak but strong.

How will you ever be happy when you have suddenly become a professor in keeping malice? Living a free life with people will help the flow of happiness in you. Love, smile, greet, be affable, respect elders, have a plain heart to people and you will join the team of happy people.

There are unhappy days in life that comes as a seed to long time happiness in life. When those days come, take a sitting position. Maximize those few days by reflecting, learning better and correcting some things. Soon, those days will fade away.

You can’t remain pathetic because you’re waiting for something. Why should you be looking like a beggar because you’ve not gotten the job you’re expecting? Why would you become piteous because the fruit of the womb you long for or what you’re waiting for is not forthcoming? Focus on other things, engage yourself in activities that will revive your spirit and help your countenance while you keep your hope alive.

It’s important we don’t ignore the fact that the devil can sponsor your unhappiness. He can bring circumstances into your life that will make it seem so hard for you to be a happy person. There is just a way to that. Only a supernatural force can stop a supernatural force. Pray and rebuke the devil and he will flee from you.

You were made to live a happy life. Choose it! Live it!


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  1. Wisdom is good wit an inheritance, nd by it dere is profit to dem dat c d sun
    For Wisdom is a defence and money is a defence,bt d excellency of Knowledge is dat Wisdom gives life to dem dat ve it.

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