Like boulder on a labourer with high pressure

You hide under pleasure

You lose focus for direction

Time is an excuse for resurrection

The link of achievers through pertinacity gate is broken

Loosing gravity to grip the token

A force press hard – hit – him-hungrily

Coax him not with the beast

Rather press with force till it loses its breath

Like a fighter

Caring less if its winter

The moment you are in the ring

The last option is to get your ass fling

You lose; the former grips your breath

The other option is winning

The one, two, three slam of the referee should not press on you

The fighter exploited energy from the true Source

Griped and broke his back

The press came from the prey not the predator

Until the three slams proclaim him winner

Indeed you are more than a conqueror, you are a winner

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